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Now that he's no longer the Governator and is once again just a plain old Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is throwing himself back into the movie biz. He's got a role in this week's The Expendables 2, but that's more of a supporting part. So it's quite something to see him as the lead in the trailer for his next film, a small town action picture called The Last Stand. Ahnuld is back!

Say what you will about his personal life — secret bastard children, allegations of harassment, Republican politics — but Arnold Schwarznegger was always a fun guy to watch on screen. Sometimes it was the sheer comedy of his existence that made him such a delight, his "It's not a tumah!" stumbles through the English language and whatnot, other times he genuinely did project a steely seriousness, like in the Terminator films. He was best though when combining those two aspects of his personality, like in greatest-action-movie-of-the-'90s True Lies, which is both exciting and silly. Similarly, this Last Stand seems to have a bit of comedy to it, even if the only joke is that it makes very little sense that some aging Austrian muscleman would be the sheriff of a small American desert town.

But mostly, hey, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger with a gun, protecting people and gettin' bad guys! It's been years since we've seen that. And it must be said that he's looking pretty good at a lean, mean 68 years old. He's like a burly, Tyrollean Clint Eastwood. Maybe they could pair up next, maybe do Get Off My Lawn 2: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut. (Get it? Unut? Like grass? Lawn? It's pretty good.) Whatever is in the future for Schwarzenegger, we are surprisingly happy to see him doing what he does best again. It's like the '90s never ended! We can go back again! There's still time! Thank god, there's still time.

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