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Ann Romney recently told Entertainment Tonight that ABC's Modern Family is her favorite show on television, and that didn't go unnoticed by the show's creator, Steve Levitan, who invited Romney to star in the wedding of the show's gay dads. Here's Levitan's tweet: 

The "ooh" factor here lies on the premise that Ann is married to Mitt, who's the face of a Republican party that's, putting it mildly, pretty much not a fan of gay marriage--so much so that her husband has had to change his policy to appear more anti-gay rights (DOMA defending, Constitutional amendments and whatnot). So, yeah, in the broad context of political inference and the game of "what they really mean," that's a pretty saucy tweet and perhaps Ann Romney is some subversive gay marriage supporter who appreciates Mitch and Cam against her husband's and her party's wishes. (DNC operatives would pay top dollar for a paparazzi picture of Ann Romney in a Snuggie watching an episode of Modern Family.) Or, maybe Ann Romney just fast forwards through one-third of the show (which you could argue isn't all that gay to begin with). Or maybe, just maybe, she just likes to laugh. 

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