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We were so, so saddened when Adam Yauch, more commonly known as the Beastie Boys' MCA, passed away earlier this year, but a detail from his will is reminding us of what made him so lovable in the first place. 

Yauch's will was filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday and DNAInfo reports Yauch made sure he would never be a sellout, even after he was long gone. His will states that "his image, music and any art he created could not be used for advertising," sparing him the posthumous embarrassment of having "So What'cha Want" used in a car commercial. Punkest will ever. A $6.4 million fund was set up for Dechen Yauch and their 13-year-old daughter, Tenzin, and his wife also has the right to sell and manage his artistic property. 

Yauch was always the mature one. It was Yauch who acted as the group's moral compass in their later years. He was the one who founded the Milarepa Foundation (with Erin Potts) that produced the Tibetan Freedom Concert benefits. He was the one who dropped lines condemning their old behaviour in new songs, so this is so perfectly himDNAInfo says it's unclear whether Michael Diamond or Adam Horovitz, the other two Beastie Boys, would be prevented from selling the band's material because of the will. We imagine they would have to, at least, go through Yauch's wife, who would likely honor her late husband's wishes. 

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