Tom Owes Katie Very Little, Except Maybe a 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

Today: The latest Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news, the women's US gymnastics team gets an endorsement, and Calvin Klein's ex is now kissing girls.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The latest Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news, the women's US gymnastics team gets an endorsement, and Calvin Klein's ex is now kissing girls.

OK. Day whatever of TomKat SplitSpat. The news today is that Katie will not be getting the $15-20 million she was once rumored to be getting in the dibborce. No, because of a prenup tighter than Tom's "assistant's" rear parts, she'll be getting next to nil. But the thing is? She likes it that way. She's happy to walk away without the clams, even though she just moved into a $12,000 per month apartment in New York City. Don't worry guys! She was in Jack & Jill as The Wife this fall. So. She's covered? The other news is that it's Tommy's 50th birthday today, and that he's left the Iceland set of his movie Oblivion to travel back to California and spend the day, I dunno, hovering creepily three feet above the ground at shopping malls or whatever mischief Scientologists get into on big birthdays. Meanwhile, there are reports that Tom "forbade" Katie from doing a reunion of Dawson's Creek, saying that "going backward would be bad." Well, OK, actually? Katie, Tom did you a favor there. I know the cleansing Thetan scrubs and all that business was unpleasant, and it would have been nice to do The Dark Knight, but in this one arena? Tom steered you right. He really did. [TMZ; Us Weekly; Us Weekly]

Former Olympic gold medalist and all-around tiny person Dominique Moceanu, who was an integral part of that famous, furious Atlanta games women's gymnastics team, has weighed in on the young gals goin' to London this summer and thinks it's "theirs to win." So that's exciting! We can start chanting USA! USA! USA! a little early this year. Oh, and, why what an opportunity to direct you to this exquisitely wonderful post, a look at this year's women's gymnastics through the art of the animated GIF. Learn it, love it, be a patriot. [People]

Hah/Gross. Calvin Klein's ex-boyfriend Nick Gruber, the onetime gay porn star who got a lot of work done to look perfectly twinky and cute for mister CK jeans only to be dumped later on, has been spotted, post-rehab for some cocaine issues, kissing a girl. A girl! And the craziest thing is that the photo doesn't look staged at all. No sir, it looks totally real. Look how real it looks with Nick's pained expression and the girl's goofy "How long do I have to do this?" smile. What a young pair in love! Sigh. What, is Nick just hoping to up the kink factor so he can get into Marc Jacobs' harem or something? What's happening? Whatever the answer, it's weird. Like a weird episode of Glee weird. Stop fake kissing that girl, Nick Gruber! [TMZ]

Another person who recently turned 50 is Paula Abdul, who had a birthday party in Las Vegas at a nightclub. The DJ played her hit "Straight Up," which was famously released in 1917 as a rallying cry to the boys in the trenches to bravely go straight up the walls and into battle. Abdul waved to the crowd, flesh falling from her bones in papery clumps. "You're 50??" someone asked her over the din of the music. "You forgot a zero!" she yelled back, but the person didn't hear her, they only saw deep into her yellowing eyes and felt the cold strangling terror of time, all immeasurable time, o'erwhelming them. [Page Six]

J.Lo's ex Marc Anthony and her current boytoy, and we mean boy and we mean toy, Casper Smart, were seen giving each other a manly hug at a private airport as J. Lo passed off the kids to Marc after taking them traveling for a bit. Which is sweet. Really. It seems like it's an amicable divorce and the new young stud boyfriend is cool with the old husband and the kids are being taken care of and all that. As Hollywood divorce messes go, this seems decidedly unmessy. Which is good! We knew we liked J.Lo. Continue to live your little Woody Allen fantasy of post-divorce life, you guys! Good luck, really. [TMZ]

Footballer Michael Vick had a very fancy wedding in Miami over the weekend, one that looked like "a wedding for a head of state." Hm. Do most heads of state have hungry, angry dogs chained together in the middle of a pit while guests throw things at them and yell "Battle! Battle!"? Is that a big thing with heads of state? Just wondering. [Page Six]

Mother who does work Hilary Rosen, she of that stupid scandal, apparently dated Alec Baldwin when the two of them were dorm mates at George Washington University. Wait, Alec Baldwin went to GW? Oh, Alec. And here we thought you were smart. [Reliable Source]

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