Tom Cruise Orbits Upstate

Today in celebrity gossip: Tom Cruise is looking to buy a house in the New York suburbs, Snoop Dogg has a fierce new name, and Katie Couric's got a new man.

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Now that his daughter Suri lives with ex-wife Katie Holmes in Chelsea, Tom Cruise is looking for a place in the New York City area, but one that's a little secluded and away from the flickering glare of the paparazzi. And he may have found a place in Rockland County, which, OK, isn't exactly upstate, but it is northwest of the city. It's one of the state's wealthiest counties, which would explain why the house he's looking at, which appears to be along the Hudson River, costs a sturdy $13.5 million. His neighbors would include Harvey Keitel, Aidan Quinn, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Al Pacino. Asked for comment about Cruise potentially moving into the neighborhood, an unnamed resident told reporters, "I always felt we weren't alone in the universe. Now I know." [Page Six]

RIP Snoop Dogg. Yes, the Dogg is no longer. He is now Snoop Lion. This is what the 40-year-old rapper told reporters at some sort of press conference recently, anyway. It seems Snoop went to a Rastafarian temple in Jamaica and after he introduced himself as Snoop Dogg, the high priest there said to him, "No more. You are the light; you are the lion." So, he's Snoop Lion now. And his next record is going to be a reggae one. He's bored with rap apparently and reggae is his new thing. "I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated," Lion told the crowd. Which... have you? Have you always said that? And were you smoking a ton of weed at the time? Sorry, you're great and all Snoop, but this is all a little hard to take seriously. I mean, you're 40 years old. Dogg, Lion, it doesn't really matter. Your name is Calvin Broadus and you're a 40-year-old man who likes to smoke weed and had an interesting trip to Jamaica. Isn't that really what's happening here? Isn't it? We think it is. []

America's chief exporter of perk, Katie Couric, has found herself a new beau. She and her 37-year-old child groom split up back in December, and now she's found a man a little closer to her age. Couric and finance guy John Moiner were seen kissing and stuff (not like sex "stuff" just hang-out-stuff) at a recent fundraising party at a private home in the Hamptons. He's 49 and she's 55, so that's a little more comfy than the 17-year age difference between Couric and the little one. Meanwhile Ann Curry, still in a bit of a post-Today funk, has switched from a 17-year vintage to a five-year-old wine and can't taste the difference. "Iss all goin' to the same place, in't it," she slurs with a cackle, pouring another glass and turning up the Stevie Nicks. [Page Six]

If you are curious about the friendship status of Jennie Garth and Tiffani (Amber) Thiessen, it is not good. Thiessen was on Howard Stern's show yesterday and said that while the Beverly Hills 90210 costars eventually got close on the set of the show and stayed friends when it was over, they've since had a falling out. "I was the one who was hurt, let's just say that," Thiessen said of the shadowy incident. What could have happened? Who would ever do something bad to Kelly Kapowski? (Besides Mr. Belding that one time. But he was drunk, and he swears he just meant to pat her on the shoulder.) Did Thiessen go to Paris for the summer and while she was gone did Garth start fooling around with Thiessen's boyfriend? She's done that before, you know! She has a history of such things. Whatever happened, it's strange to find ourselves saying that we're on team Thiessen. If only because she was on two important shows in our younger lives, and Garth was only on one. Sorry, Kelly. Rule of numbers. Oh, and Thiessen is no longer friends with Tori Spelling, but who really cares about that. [Us Weekly]

Oh, dear. Henry Hopper, son of the late Dennis Hopper, has been accused of rape. The mother of a 16-year-old girl is suing the 21-year-old actor, saying that he lured the girl, 15 years old at the time, to his house in Venice last year by promising her booze and drugs on Facebook and then "engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her." (Among the specific accusations are "forced oral copulation and sodomy," according to TMZ.) So that's bad news for everybody. Nothing really to joke about here. The mother is suing for damages in an unspecified amount. [TMZ]

While Miley Cyrus's fiancé Liam Hemsworth films a movie in Philadelphia, Cyrus has been a frequent visitor to the City of Brotherly Love, even going tanning twice at the same place. She's apparently been very chatty with the staff there, asking about places to go and whatnot. "She said she absolutely loves Philadelphia," said some sort of source. Haha. Right. Let's think about that sentence. "She absolutely loves Philadelphia." Who has ever said that? Who, ever? "She," any she, might like Philadelphia. One might even "think Philadelphia is great." One could even say "I like Philadelphia better than D.C." But one would never, has never, said "I absolutely love Philadelphia." That is just not something that's been said since Peter Travers did his best movies of 1993 list. Just hasn't been done. So who was this mysterious source who claimed that Miley Cyrus "absolutely loves" Philadelphia? Well, when asked where he worked for a living, the source mumbled and said, "Uh, the uh, um, the Mamber... of... Mommerce..." and then ran away. So. Take this all with a grain of salt. [People]

Channing Tatum was eating dinner in the Meatpacking District (where he was first packed and shipped to Hollywood, of course) recently when he was approached by some fellow diners who were celebrating a bachelorette party. They asked if he wouldn't mind taking some pictures with them and he happily obliged, which was nice. Then the women got a bit more forceful and said "Dance!" and he said OK, and began to dance a little. Then one of the women slapped him and said "No! Dance sexy" and so he began to dance sexy. "Sexier!" another woman said, striking him hard across the face. So he danced sexier. "Remove your clothes!" the bride-to-be barked, and so Channing Tatum did, not knowing what else to do. By the end of the whole thing he was naked and weeping, dancing in the restaurant for the cruel enjoyment of the women. "This is all you're ever meant to do..." Tatum could hear his old stripping boss hissing in his ear, all those years ago. "You're just some naked hunk for eyes to ogle, that's all..." The tears flowed freely as the girls shrieked and threw glassware at his feet until they got bored and walked away. Tatum then sat back down to dinner, turned to his companion, and said "So, how have you been?" [Page Six]

In case you're interested in gaydom's current cloyingly cutest couple, here are pictures of Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff walking their dogs in L.A. So. Isn't that special for them. [Daily Mail]

Oh and Zosia Mamet from Girls was almost swept out to sea while swimming in the Hamptons. So, let's all be glad that didn't happen. Zosia, here's a tip: Never go to the Hamptons! Only bad things happen there. [Page Six]

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