Taylor Kitsch Continues to Get Work for Some Reason

Today in showbiz news: Taylor Kitsch may be box office poison, but he's still working. Also: Showtime employs Laura Linney for one more year and hires Ron Howard to cover the Aztecs.

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Many of us still have a soft spot for Canadian brood-hunk Taylor Kitsch because to us he will always be the gruff but lovable Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. But let's face facts: Kitsch's movie career has been less than inspiring. John Carter, Battleship, Savages. These were not successful movies, critically or otherwise. A string of doozies like that would spell career ruin for many an actor, and yet Kitsch survives. He's just been cast in a new movie called The Grand Seduction. Granted this is a $12 million Canadian film that's shooting on Newfoundland, not some big-budget tent pole kind of a thing, but still. He's getting work! The movie is a remake of a French film about a tiny town that needs a doctor, so when they find a young one (Kitsch) they employ various measures to woo him to stay and live there. Which, I mean, we've all seen Taylor Kitsch, so can you blame them? The best part is that the town in the movie is called Tickle Cove. Tickle Cove! If the line "You can tickle my cove any time you want" is not in this movie then it's a total waste. Anyway, congrats Kitschy. It's not quite the big leagues, but it's a league nonetheless. [Deadline]

Showtime has announced that they've renewed the cancer comedy The Big C for a fourth and final season. It will only be four one-hour episodes, though. And then that's it. Curtains. Which, y'know, is overdue. Though we can't stop watching the damn thing for some reason, the show has gone completely off the rails. Nothing makes sense, everyone's vaguely awful, and Susan Sarandon got hit by a bus. It's just not a very coherent or likable show. And yet! And yet. We watch on. For four more episodes, we watch on. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sharon Stone and Carrie Fisher have been added to the lineup for the Comedy Central roast of Roseanne Barr, so this thing is gonna get weird. Look, we all know that roasts are the worst thing in the world and should be made illegal, but aren't you the slightest bit curious to see what Sharon Stone does at a roast? We hope she spends most of her time talking about how her husband's foot was eaten by a dragon that one time. Remember when that happened? When a dragon ate Sharon Stone's husband's foot? Wild things have happened in this lifetime, friends. Wild and woolly things. [The Wrap]

Ron Howard is going to be directing a Showtime series called Conquest that's all about Cortes fighting the Aztecs. Playwright Jose Rivera will write the script. So that's awfully high-class for Showtime! Could be interesting. Or it could be depressing and gory for gore's sake and sexy for sexy's sake even though we're talking about a horrible genocide. It is Showtime, after all. Also, they should change the title to Apocalypto 2: The Spain Event. [Deadline]

The CW said at TCAs today that they plan on focusing a bit more on the male demographic in the future. Which is good because there isn't enough focusing on the male demographic these days. We certainly need more of that. Though, too bad for the network that no straight boy would ever watch The CW even if there was a show called Boob Guns: The Adventures Gunboob. Even then they would not watch. [The Wrap]

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