'The Newsroom' to Keep Broadcasting

Today: HBO re-ups with Aaron Sorkin, Naomi Watts is spotted in Princess Di costume, and A&E prequel a classic.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: HBO re-ups with Aaron Sorkin, Naomi Watts is spotted in Princess Di costume, and A&E prequel a classic.

Curious to hear what an informed news team has to say about what's happening in our world right now? Well, you'll have to wait until sometime next year, as that's when Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom will be back for a second season, HBO announced today. Yeah, the show is set in the recent past, so right now they're covering the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Gabby Giffords, meaning they'll get to health care being upheld and Anderson Cooper coming out maybe by the end of next season. So just hold tight, the real news professionals will be here in a year and change to tell you what to make of all of this. In the meantime, just keep reading Gone Girl and pretending nothing is happening. Oh, and HBO also renewed True Blood for a 43rd season, so there's that too. [Deadline]

Here's a first glimpse of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana in the "do we really need this?" biopic Caught in Flight, which follows the last two years of the People's Princess' life. She looks pretty good! A little less avian than the delicate Di was, but they've certainly got the hair right. And Watts is a good actress, so I'm sure she'll do a competent job. But still. Do we really need this, guys? It just seems like a needlessly sad rehash of terrible events that won't illuminate anything that we didn't already learn from the actual incident — the paparazzi are voracious and dangerous, for example — or that wasn't covered well enough already in The Queen. Just feels a bit gratuitous, is all. Now, a biopic of the past few years of Prince Harry's life? That would be worth watching. "You've heard of Magic Mike, now here's Heavenly Harry." Or something! Think of the casting process! [The Hollywood Reporter, more photos at Gawker]

Oh dear. In its infinite wisdom, A&E has decided to pick up a miniseries from Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse that's a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Meaning we find out just how Norman Bates came to be so crazy, and we get to actually meet the living Mrs. Bates. Which, like... I know American Horror Story was a big success and A&E is probably jealous, but come on. At least FX sorta came up with its own thing (while copying a bunch of real-life crimes). This is just lazy and probably going to be awful. The creepiness is in not knowing exactly went down with Norman and Mother! Showing something specific to us denudes the whole thing of all of its mystery. Like, remember when we found out exactly how Darth Vader got to be Darth Vader and it was awful? Why would we want to try that again? Stop it, everyone. Pull the plug on this thing before it's too late. Don't make us come down there in our wig and our dress and carrying our knife. [Vulture]

Tom Hanks has produced and stars in a new animated sci-fi series called Electric City that will premiere on Yahoo on July 17th, it was announced today. Yes, Tom Hanks, America's Dad (formerly America's Beloved Younger Brother), is doing an internet cartoon for Yahoo. My how times have changed! The series, which will be released in four- to six-minute installments, marks Yahoo's first scripted series, but probably not its last. Guess they're starting big with Tom Hanks, so congrats to them on that. Just no unnecessary prequels, you here? [The Wrap]

This is from Saturday but it's worth mentioning anyway: Lost's beloved, ghostly grand dame Elizabeth Mitchell (she played the mysterious and sadly doomed Juliet) has joined the cast of another J.J. Abrams series, Revolution. That's the one about the Earth losing all electrical power and devolving into warlord madness and rebellion. She'll play mom to the two starring young dudes, but hopefully they'll give her more to do than just be mom. Whatever she's up to, we're just glad to see her working and hope this is a good enough series. She previously took the lead on the misguided V remake and that obviously did not work, so we hope this does. If it doesn't, well, she could always play Norman Bates' mom in the inevitable prequel to the prequel. [Entertainment Weekly]

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