The 'Fifty Shades' Hotel Packages and Other Bookish Getaways

Fifty Shades of Grey insanity has now reached complete saturation (we hope): In addition to Fifty Shades sheets, hotels in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco are offering packages based on the erotica trilogy.

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Fifty Shades insanity has now reached complete saturation (we hope): in addition to Fifty Shades sheets, hotels in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are offering packages based on the erotica trilogy. As Genevieve ABC News' Shaw Brown at ABC reported earlier this week, the amenities for aspiring Christians and Anastasias include Pinot Gris, helicopter rides, and, at one location, an "intimacy kit" that includes a vibrator and feathers, which are "not meant for dusting!" Scandalous!

But Fifty Shades is far from the only literary title to inspire getaways. Of course there's Harry Potter world in Florida and, as we mentioned earlier this month, a literary hotel in Paris, but here are some other places book lovers can go to live vicariously through their favorite characters and authors.


New York's Plaza Hotel is, of course, the location of Kay Thompson's beloved children's book Eloise. But would you pay $1,250 (or more) to live for one night like the eponymous heroine? The Eloise Suite Experience Package at the hotel includes a stay at the Eloise Suite designed by Betsy Johnson, Eloise Tea, and an Eloise bathrobe. The suite features:

[A] signature Plaza chandelier fitted with pink, candy striped wall panels outlined with gold leaf molding, a white zebra-print carpet, a King-size bed made up with custom-designed bedding depicting images of Eloise, a sparkly padded pink headboard and nearby ottoman, and Eloise's name scrawled in neon lights affixed to the wall above. 

And of course any true Eloise devotee would have to call room service.

Gone With the Wind

Because things were just so delightful for Scarlett O'Hara, you may want to stay at Tara, a country inn located in Pennsylvania was inspired by film version of  Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. The inn's website boasts:

Inspired by the greatest movie of our time, Gone With the Wind, Tara recreated is in a real sense an embodiment of the Old South. Tara offers you a lasting impression of Southern Hospitality and a chance to enjoy the luxuries of days gone by.

Of course, Gone with the Wind still has a huge fan base, but wasn't slavery one of the Old South's "luxuries"?


As in the case of the American South depicted in Gone with the Wind, you can file the London of Charles Dickens under "places that seem awful to actually live in." That said, clearly not everyone feels this way as you can make a trip to the Dickens World theme park in Kent. (Guests who want to stay overnight can get a hotel package at the adjacent Ramada.) There, children can romp around in "Fagin's Den," a "soft play area" because nothing says "play" like a cultural stereotype exploiting orphans. All ages can enjoy the "Great Expectations Boat Ride" because naturally one wants to experience what it was like to be a convict in 19th Century Britain like Magwitch.

Dickens World is the setting for this music video:


If the underworld of Dickens novels seems like a totally unappealing place to visit, perhaps the country houses of Jane Austen's world are the opposite. Austen lived in Bath, which now features a Jane Austen Centre. The Tasburgh House there features a Jane Austen room. But if Britain is too far to travel there is also a "Jane Austen Room" at the Spencer Hotel & Spa in Chautauqua, New York:

Snuggle in this corner room delight that is complete with a two person jacuzzi, surrounded by relaxing meadows and soft colors just how Jane would have wanted it

Yes, we see Jane especially enjoying the jacuzzi.

The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings

Just as you can have your "Jane Austen" in New York, there's no need to travel to Middle Earth (or New Zealand) to satisfy LOTR fandom. The Hobbit House of Montana, which was written up in The New York Times last summer, is just what it sounds like. According to its website, though the Hobbit House "incorporates the mystique and caricature of a cozy Hobbit House from the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien." Precious.

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