Katie Holmes Hit by Garbage Truck

Today in celebrity gossip: Katie Holmes has a fender bender, Arnold Schwarzenegger locks lips with a young lass, and Daniel Radcliffe might have a new gal.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Katie Holmes has a fender bender, Arnold Schwarzenegger locks lips with a young lass, and Daniel Radcliffe might have a new gal.

Katie Holmes has been hit by a garbage truck. Well, OK, OK, the car she was in was hit by a garbage truck, but still. She was leaving Chelsea Piers with her daughter Suri, who is fine by the way, when a garbage truck hit the car somehow. This is the second fender bender Holmes has been in in a week. Last Friday a paparazzo's car hit hers after she and Suri left FAO Schwarz. The most mysterious thing? The paparazzo looked a lot like Danny Masterson. And Holmes could swear the garbage truck drivers were Jenna Elfman and Giovanni Ribisi. But that couldn't be. That couldn't be possible! Anyway, she's fine. And she's trying not to pay attention to Kelly Preston, who she can see lurking in some nearby bushes, watching her... [People]

Another newly single person is having a little less of a bumpy road. Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently seen at a restaurant in West Hollywood chatting up a 25-year-old chippie and making some progress. The 64-year-old Tyrolean titan was seen kissing the girl, which... Can you even imagine? Kissing Arnold Schwarzenegger? "You taste like batteries." "I know." "And dried meat." "Yes." "And... ammonia?" "Ya, so much ammonia." "Also, I swear I tasted..." "Leather shoes? Yah, those were leather shoes." Just not very pleasant, I wouldn't think! But, oh well. The heart wants what it wants. And apparently this girl, who was "rated a 7 by eyewitnesses" (nice, TMZ), wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger. To kiss her. "Do you taste the turpentine?" "I think I do..." [TMZ]

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was seen walking the dark streets of London murdering cockney prostitutes with a new girl on his arm, even though he's thought to be dating a different gal. Hm. And, well, OK, look, technically Daniel is sort of on her arm? Like, you'll see when you click over that in the photo the girl is putting an almost maternal arm on his shoulder while he walks with his head down. I'm not so sure this is a romantic stroll, you guys. She looks like she's giving him a pep talk. Maybe she's a life coach? Maybe she's a former teacher? Maybe he got lost in the supermarket because he was following the wrong pair of legs and when he looked up it wasn't his mom but some strange lady so the lady is now taking him to his mom and telling him not to cry or be scared, that everything will be fine? Really could be any of those things when you're Daniel Radcliffe, wee hero. (No, it's actually a fellow Harry Potter actor and the two are probably just friends. Let's not bother Daniel Radcliffe, you guys. He's one of the good ones.) [The Daily Mail]

Katy Perry recently hosted a rollerskating birthday party for a friend, during which she skated around and threw Beanie Babies at the other guests. Some of those guests were Amber Heard, Zoe Saldana, Rachel Bilson, and Hayden Christensen. So all of those people recently spent some time skating around in a roller rink having Katy Perry throw Beanie Babies at them. Then they all went home and lied down at the bottom of their closets and cried softly for a few hours. [Page Six]

The girl from Spy Kids has filed for divorce. Lemme just repeat that. The girl from Spy Kids, meaning that kinda recent kids movie starring kids, is getting divorced. And not like "We're married" when you're on the swings and you're in sync with each other and then when you're not anymore you've gotten a divorce. Like a real adult civil/legal/whatever divorce. Yes, Alexa Vega, 23, is splitting from her husband of two years. And all the rest of us should just go shut ourselves up in our crypts now because we and the rest of the world are terribly, terribly old and it will soon all be over. In a related story, Blue Ivy Carter has just been accepted to Cornell medical school. [People]

Barack Obama is finally, finally heading to the East End of the Hamptons to do some fundraising, having never been there, which is quite the social scandal. Who doesn't go to the East End?? It's just outrageous. Says a resident, "Obama has never come to the Hamptons. He feels it is too elite — but George Clooney’s house isn't?" Which, hm. Maybe it's not that it's too elite. Maybe he just finds it boring, y'know? All you bored Hamptons jerks going to boring parties, like fake polo matches when nobody understands polo in the slightest. Maybe he just doesn't like it! That is possible, you know. If someone said to me, "Hey, do you want to go to George Clooney's house or do you want to go to some beach house with a bunch of old people talking about real estate," you can pretty much guarantee I'm going to Clooney's. Just saying, Hamptons. It might not be him. It might be you. [Page Six]

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