Katie Holmes Hinted At Her Divorce Weeks Ago

Today: The latest in TomKat news, Matthew McConaughey is expecting, and so is Claire Danes.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The latest in TomKat news, Matthew McConaughey is expecting, and so is Claire Danes.

People are speculating that Katie Holmes hinted about her divorce from Tom Cruise weeks ago in an Elle magazine interview, as she said things like "new phase" and "I know where I want to go." One place she wanted to go to was an ice cream shop in Manhattan's East Village, where she popped up a couple days ago with her daughter Suri, some friends, and four bodyguards. There's a photo gallery of the ice cream parlor visit and it's mostly sad, with poor Suri sitting there surrounded by adults, trying gamely to enjoy her ice cream, while everyone stares. Sigh. Speaking of Suri, some "sources" or "insiders" or whatever are claiming that Katie is using Suri "as a weapon" and that she's denying Tom contact with his daughter. So this thing ain't over yet, kids, no matter what new phase Katie is in or how delicious that ice cream was. The world keeps spinning 'round and 'round and everyone shrieks for Tom and Katie, while Suri sits, small and almost hidden in this huddle of giants, eating her ice cream, and learning. [Page Six; TMZ; TMZ]

All right all right all right. Laidback let-it-all-hang-out-er Matthew McConaughey is expecting his third child with wife Camilla Alves, the actor announced on Twitter yesterday. "Happy birthday America, more good news," the tweet reads. Which, hm, OK. While a McConaughey baby is certainly good news, is it really a birthday gift for all of America? I mean, c'mon, let's get a little perspective here, random assistant who tweets for Matthew McConaughey. At least the tweet contained the advice "Just keep livin," which is great advice, whether you're struggling to survive in some sort of harsh disaster situation, or if you're just sitting around in your underpants reading Twitter on the goddamned Fourth of July. Go outside, guys! In the past. You should have gone outside yesterday. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile Angela Chase is having a baby which means we are all ancient, dying beings who will soon be dust. Yes, Claire Danes is expecting her first child with British demigod husband Hugh Dancy. Happy news for the happy couple, but watch out, Claire! She's 33 and I saw Tom Cruise whispering something in Hugh's ear the other day, and you know how Tom feels about women who are 33. Though, of course, Tom could also have been whispering to Hugh about how he feels about women in general, in an indirect way of course, by means of an invitation to do some non-women-related things. You know. Could have been anything, really. [Us Weekly]

Chris Brown managed to have bottle service at a club without the bottles getting thrown all over the place, so let's all give him a big-boy round of applause and put a little gold star sticker on his nose and send him up to the next grade. Congrats, Chris! Hope there's some sort of graduation party in your backyard with balloons and streamers and stuff. You deserve it. But no bottles! [Page Six]

The first of Princess Grace's grandchildren will soon be wed, as Princess Caroline's son Andrea Casiraghi, 28, has announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, whom he met at the American University in Paris. When reached for questioning, Casiraghi said "Yeah, yeah, it's exciting. 'Course no one will care that much. Everyone gets a day off school in England and even the Americans watch on TV and he gets all these parties and they kiss on a balcony and there's a little girl covering her ears and it's all cute and the whole world is like 'Oh William, William,' 'Kate, Kate' and it's a big stupid deal. Of course we won't get that. But who cares. I don't care. I wouldn't want any of that stupid old stuff anyway. That's lame. Who cares. William's a jerk anyway. Whatever. I don't care..." He then sat down in his big platinum sandbox and began to dig around dejectedly with a stick. [People]

Batman fan and Vermont senator (in that order) Patrick Leahy will be appearing in his third Batman movie, with a small speaking role in The Dark Knight Rises. You may remember that Leahy said "We aren't intimated by thugs" to Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and then got a knife in his face as a thank you. What is it with senators and acting? Fred Thompson, Patrick Leahy, and of course Mitch McConnell played the lead in that adaptation of that Richard Scarry book. Anyway, we wish Leahy the best and hope the people of Williston, VT enjoy their special screening of TDKR on July 15th. [Reliable Source]

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