Kate Gosselin Looking to Get Back in the Game

Today in celebrity gossip: Your favorite mom of eight wants back on the TV, Rihanna and Chris Brown have a Cannes reunion, and Lindsay Lohan's mom is once again up to no good. 

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Remember Kate Gosselin? She's that woman who sold her eight children to TLC for a few bucks and a Dancing With the Stars gig a while back? People were pretty into her, but eventually the American people were like, "Hey, wait a minute. Did that lady sell her kids to a TV network? I think she did!" and they stopped watching. Well now, a few years later, Kate hopes everyone's forgotten about that. She's pitching a new reality show around town, one about her search for the man of her dreams. (Oh, right, helping her sell her kids was her husband Jon, a lowdown dude who went a'running the minute the tiniest bit of coin was in play.) Yeah, her show doesn't have a network yet, but she's really hoping to get back in the action. She says her kids, whom she has presumably leased back from TLC, are eager to get to filming again, because I'm sure that's not at all a big fat lie made to placate people who are a little concerned about adults selling their children to cable networks So. If she makes it back on the air, will you watch? Is anyone out there still invested in Kate Gosselin? Or are you all just waiting desperately to find out what those poor kids turn out like when they're older, like we are? [Us Weekly]

Chris Brown and Rihanna apparently spent some time together yesterday while both were vacationing in Cannes. They are said to have had an "intimate date" on Brown's yacht. Which, y'know, totally normal. That's just how young people reconcile these days. There's a bad breakup, bad things are done, then a couple years later there's a date on a yacht in the South of France and things get better. That's just how it goes. Tammy and Ricky who work a lot of the same shifts at Rainforest Cafe? Yup, they date for a while, then there's a big fight, and then a few years later, Tammy and Ricky meet on a luxury sailboat in the warm blue Mediterranean and things are good. They go back to the Rainforest Cafe — well, Tammy does, Ricky's managing a D'Angelo's now — and things are the way they once were. Ask any young person in America. Just say "South of France" to them and watch their eyes shine with the brown glow of possibility once lost, but found again. [Daily Mail]

Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina and Dina's brother Paul Anthony Sullivan are in trouble because they supposedly walked out on a huge restaurant bill during a charity event. See, a place called Andrra in the boringest neighborhood in America, the Hamptons, comped Lohan and pals for four tickets to a fundraiser for the Clamshell Foundation (that sounds incredibly made-up), but they showed up with like eight people. So when the waiter dropped a check for $2,500 to cover the additional people, the group just left in a fury. Sullivan, a convicted fraud and now the head of a "promotions company," says that the entire group was supposed to be comped, and that this whole thing is ridiculous. The restaurant is holding firm though, so who really knows. The point is, only the classiest people ever get in these kinds of disagreements. You don't hear about Meryl Streep getting wrapped up in a thing where she demanded a bunch of comps and didn't get them so walked out on her bill, at a charity event. Kate Winslet's brother doesn't get in fights with the owners of Hamptons restaurants over charity money. No sir. This kind of brouhaha is reserved for only the most elegant of people. And those people are Dina Lohan and her brother. Two people living good, graceful lives. [Page Six]

The young royals — William, his wife Kate, his brother Harry — will be attending a combined total of 25 events during the London Olympic Games, which start Friday. Kate is going to sailing and tennis, as well as field hockey, a sport she played in school. William will join the others to see cousin Zara Phillips compete in equestrian events. And Harry? Harry will be going to... beach volleyball. Haha. Of course he is going to beach volleyball. That is the only way. Cheeky bugger. The three are also supposed to visit athletes in the Olympic Village, which will be funny, when Wills calls Harry to ask where he is and Harry says "Uh, I'll meet you there," and then they see him stumbling out of one of the apartments wearing the same clothes from last night and putting on his shoes. "Oh that brother of yours," Kate will tut to Will, secretly wondering, wondering always, if she picked the right one. [People]

Madonna will keep using fake guns in her concert tour, even though the government of Scotland warned her she'd get in trouble if she did and lots of people are calling the usage generally insensitive in the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Madonna remains committed to her artistic vision though. You know, the artistic vision of waving a fake gun around while she sings a song called "Give Me All Your Luvin'." That is sacred, right there. Positively sacred. [Daily Record]

Haha, Taylor Swift is taller than Zac Efron and wayyy taller than Josh Hutcherson. Look how much taller she is! Is that why she's alone?? Should Taylor Swift get her legs shortened? Should she never stand, and constantly be wheeled around like an invalid in The Secret Garden? Something must be done about this Taylor Swift being taller than boys thing. Because it simply cannot continue as is. [TMZ]

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