'Hunger Games' Has Its Johanna Mason

Today: Jena Malone heads into battle, Spider-Man is gonna be one rich kid, and Dunder Mifflin may have a new employee.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Jena Malone heads into battle, Spider-Man is gonna be one rich kid, and Dunder Mifflin may have a new employee.

Well, after a long time of speculation and a half-joking campaign by Kristen Bell, Lionsgate has found the actress to play badass return tribute Johanna Mason in Catching Fire, the soon-to-shoot second film in the Hunger Games series. She will be played by none other than Stepmom's Jena Malone, as was rumored last week. "But Richard," you say. "She wasn't just in Stepmom, she was in Sucker Punch, so she's proven she can do action." To which I say no! Never! Sucker Punch is not to ever be cited as a credible source for anything other than proving that Zak Snyder is fast becoming a terrible hack and that that movie was the worst kind of misogyny, the one that poses as girl empowerment. Other than that, it is never to be considered, ever. So Jena Malone has never been in an action movie so we have no idea if she can do it! I'd pictured someone a little more teutonic looking to play the role, but ah, well. Who really cares, y'know? At least until they cast Finnick. And so help me god if they cast that little kid from Stepmom I'm quitting The Hunger Games. Or if they cast Julia Roberts. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The really good new Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, is on track for a big weekend if early receipts are any indication. The movie brought in $7.5 million from midnight screenings this morning, and folks are predicting that the movie could earn some $125 million by the end of the weekend. Which would be a nice pile of clams! Of course the thing cost a staggering $220 million to wrestle into existence, so it has a long road to go to make the studio any profits (the common thinking is twice the budget), but those numbers are good news. For us too! We're hoping it's a hit so they'll make another one and we can stare at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone being cute some more. The film has made some $50 million overseas, so chances look good. Andrew and Emma 4eva. Well, no, Andrew and Emma for a little while and then we meet him. [Entertainment Weekly]

Oh, dear. Clark Duke from ABC Family's darling little show Greek, and from Hot Tub Time Machine, may be joining the cast of The Office next season. Normally we'd be all, "No, don't! It's a sinking ship! Don't let the rot smell get on you!" But, c'mon, it's Clark Duke. Kid needs the work, probably. So, sure, fine, whatever. Have at it, Clarky. But also make sure you're available for a Greek reunion should ABC Family ever wise up and actually read one of my goddamned letters. [TV Line]

Poor Barbara Hershey has been cast in a Lifetime: Television For Sad Saturdays original movie called Left to Die, which, judging by the title, is about filming a Lifetime original movie. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Poor Christine Lahti has been cast in a recurring role on Hawaii Five-O as Alex O'Loughlin's mother. Of the role, an executive producer says, "Doris McGarrett is a pivotal one to the mythology of our show." Whoa whoa whoa, wait. Hawaii Five-O has a mythology? Isn't it about solving beach crimes? What is so complicated about beach crimes that you need to have a mythology? That is like saying Bunheads has a mythology. That's just a show about two bickering ladies living in a house (teens love it!), and Hawaii Five-O is just a show about beach crimes and the occasional high-five. That's it. No mythology needed. Get out while you still can, Lahti. They're still casting Finnick... [Deadline]

Here is an exciting and beautifully made animated promo for the London Olympics. It's a trailer, for the Olympics, basically. But because nothing's happened yet, they gotta make it up with cartoons. Still, it is very good and makes me reeeeally ready for the Olympics! Not as excited as GIFs, but excited. Gooo team! (And by team I mean America, of course. Always and only America.)

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