Halle Berry Taken to Hospital; Suri Cruise Taken to Dad

Today in celebrity gossip: Halle Berry has an on-set accident, Tom Cruise hangs out with his daughter Suri for the first time in a while, and a Bachelorette spoiler

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Today in celebrity gossip: Halle Berry has an on-set accident, Tom Cruise hangs out with his daughter Suri for the first time in a while, and a Bachelorette spoiler. 

Swordfish actress Halle Berry was taken to the hospital after injuring herself on a movie set last night. She reportedly fell and hit her head and was rushed to the hospital as a precaution. Her spokesperson says that everything's fine and that nothing will be delayed because of the incident. This is the second time that Berry has injured herself on a set recently — while filming Cloud Atlas in Spain, the seemingly accident prone actress hurt her ankle. For her own safety, we think it's time Berry stopped trying to do kicks and flips while yelling to anyone who will listen, "See, I can still be her! I can! What's Hathaway got that I don't got! I'm queen of the cats!" It always ends in a visit to the emergency room, which is just a pain for everybody. [TMZ]

No such incidents for Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, who were reunited for the first time since his divorce from Katie Holmes was finalized. The two passed through a crush of paparazzi as they headed over to Chelsea Piers, an area that Tom is intimately familiar with from the old days. Of hanging out and looking at the water! Those old days. God, what did you think I meant? Come on. Let's have a little respect here. The man was with his kid. Yup, he was just there, innocently looking around and saying "Boy, it sure has changed. Boy oh boy. Boyyy oh boyy..." and then standing with an expectant look on his face as if waiting for someone to appear. "Boy! Oh boyyy." [Us Weekly]

BACHELORETTE SPOILER! Beware of a Bachelorette spoiler! Avert your ears and cover your eyes if you do not want to know secret things about the end of this season of The Bachelorette. OK. So, for those of you still with us, which hopefully is most of you: It seems that Emily Maynard will indeed get a proposal on Sunday night's finale and that she wants to do another reality show about she and her beau planning their wedding. And who will that beau be? Well, the rumor is that it's fan favorite Jef Holm, the skinny jean-wearing "cool guy" who threw his skateboard into the bushes on the season premiere. Remember that? That was his cool slick move, to throw his skateboard in the bushes. I guess that's what most women like though, isn't it? A guy who throws things in bushes? Anyhoo, that's what people are saying. It's Jef. And if they do get their own love show, maybe he'll finally have enough money to buy that extra f. Because if not, he'll continue to look like a real jerk of. [Radar]

Aw, sad romance newz from the world of socialites, and of Bachelors. Southern transplant to New York turned famous-in-Japan handbag designer Tinsley Mortimer is apparently not very serious anymore with Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who is sorta technically a "prince" from the Borghese family of Italy but is mostly just a former bachelor on The Bachelor. Yeah, they're not really dating anymore, apparently. Prince Lorenzo offers this cryptic explanation to Page Six: "Tinsley and I remain close friends. In today’s society, especially at our age, I understand that no one is exclusive unless there is a ring involved. That said, if she chooses to see other people and she’s happier with them than me, that’s my loss and her gain." Wait... so, what? Does that mean that Tinz was cheating on him?? What does that meeeean? Cease your Italian secrets and riddles, Borghese! Give us the answers! For her part, when reached for comment Tinsley simply said, "I like the Prince of Baloney very much, but I also like flutter birds and other nice things. That is what people do, Momma tells me. They like a lot of different things." [Page Six]

Oh hey, here's some cool news that should make you feel great. The little girl from Curly Sue is now in her 30s and has just had a baby. So. This added to yesterday's news about the girl from Spy Kids' getting divorced, should make everyone feel really great about how old and crumbling and ancient we are. Oh and, breaking news, am just now hearing that the entire cast of Salute Your Shorts has just died, comfortably in their own beds of old age, surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren and many photos of the adventures of their long lives. We wish them godspeed on their journey into the shadowlands which await us all. [People]

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