'Gangster Squad' Loses Theater Shooting Scene

Today in showbiz news: A graphic and too-soon scene is excised from an upcoming movie, the script is flipped on romantic otherness, and welcome two new guys to the world of Glee.

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Today in showbiz news: A graphic and too-soon scene is excised from an upcoming movie, the script is flipped on romantic otherness, and welcome two new guys to the world of Glee.

In the wake of the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., Warner Bros. has decided to cut a scene from the upcoming film Gangster Squad in which a group of men opens fire on a theater audience. They studio has ordered reshoots to cover the gap in the film, which is about Depression-era mob violence in Los Angeles. The film opens in early September, so the thinking was probably that it was too soon for audiences to see something so similar to the brutal real-life tragedy. Some will grumble about the decision calling it unnecessary babying, others will applaud it. Either way, it's what they decided to do. According to one report, Warner Bros. gently turned down George Lucas' offer to add in some fun computer animated characters, free of charge. [Variety]

Pretty plastic container Camilla Belle and deep-fried ham croquette Kellan Lutz have signed on to star together in the romantic drama Love Is All You Need? So, ho hum, two pretty people in love. But wait! There's a twist. See, the movie is set in a world where gay relationships are the norm and straights are the weirdos, so Lutz and Belle keep their love on the down low. Wait, gay people are the norm? So the movie is set at Vassar? Camilla Belle and Kellan Lutz are playing the straight Vassar students in a new film. Interesting. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Two new actors have been cast on the next season of Glee, meaning they'll probably appear a few times in completely arbitrary fashion and will then disappear with no explanation. The two actors are both gents, ones who may have had, y'know, private audition sessions with Ryan Murphy. A dreamy eyed South African named Dean Geyer will play a NYADA upperclassman love interest for Rachel in New York, while a guy with the too-on-the-nose name of Jacob Artist will play Puck's younger brother back at ol' McKinley High. Hm, OK. So we're following people out of the school and adding new people to the school and man this thing is going to be an even bigger mess than the show usually is, isn't it? [Deadline]

In addition to the usual big city audition stops, this season of American Idol will feature a 10-stop small town tour for wannabes who can't make it to the bigger places. Those towns will be Idaho Falls, Idaho; Billings, Mont.; Casper, Wyo.; Rock Rapids, Iowa; Iowa City; Bowling Green, Ky.; Clarksdale, Miss.; Joplin, Mo.; Dodge City, Kan.; and Grand Junction, Colo. Which... Doesn't that seem a little limiting? Like, Billings and Casper? Those are close enough together that someone could drive. Don't get me wrong, they're far, but what about somewhere in the south? Or, y'know, Alaska? Or northern Maine. One old man shows up and says "Ah yahp, I'm heah faw the singin'." And then he wins the whole show. Oh also there will be an online audition round in the first two weeks of August as well as a "Nominate an Idol" competition wherein people secretly submit loved ones (or enemies; enemies would probably be better) and then those who picked are surprised/ambushed by cameras at some point. Oh, terrific. Ryan Seacrest comes tearing out of the bushes screaming "BOO HAHA WE GOTCHA YOU'RE ON 'AMERICAN IDOL' SAY GOODBYE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY GET IN THE VAN HAHAH!!" That doesn't sound awful at all. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie, Jordin Sparks, and the great Jeffery Wright will all be in a movie together. Which seems a bit lopsided. Anthony Mackie and Jeffery Wright are very good actors! Those Idols over there are not so much. Well, OK, to be fair, I haven't seen Sparkle yet. So, Jordin Sparks could be a revelation. (She will not be a revelation.) But we all know what J.Hud is capable of, acting-wise, and it isn't much. The movie, called The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete, isn't even a singing movie! (I don't think.) J.Hud is going to play a drug-addicted, neglectful mother. That sounds like some heavy lifting. I don't know. It just seems off somehow. What's next, Adam Lambert playing an inspirational teacher? (Actually that could be interesting. J.Hud could sing the theme song, "Goodbye, Mr. Skinsuit.") [Deadline]

Here's a little video package about the new Anna Karenina, the one directed by Joe Wright and starring his muse Keira Knightley. In it they describe the crazy visual aesthetic of the movie and how it gets a bit fantastical, which is an odd take on what is certainly a dramatic story but also a pretty literal one. Ah well. It looks interesting! And if nothing else will be pretty to look at. Not just the Keira Knightley/Aaron Johnson bits either. Like, the whole thing. The entire movie, except for Jude Law's hairline. Every unhappy hairline is unhappy in its own way. [Entertainment Weekly]

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