Bristol Palin to Dance Once More

Today in showbiz news: Alaska's favorite daughter heads back to the Dancedome, AMC doesn't want another Rosie Larsen case happening, and Dustin Lance Black gets a surprising new gig.

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Bristol Palin, what you find when you google the phrase "do as I say not as I do," has been announced as a cast member on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. (Or as someone said on Twitter today, Dancing With the Stars of Dancing With the Stars.) So that's exciting. For her, for us, for all of America, really. She deserves it. She's done so much to get as far as she has. She's a boot-straps kinda gal that her mother and her colleagues can be proud of. She'll be joined by other notables like Joey Fatone, Drew Lachey, Kirstie Alley, Pamela Anderson, and Apolo Ohno. Yeah, they're letting a few people who won their seasons back on this thing. Which seems a little unfair, don't you think? Oh well. The utter fairness of Bristol Palin's continued fame and employment counterbalances that nicely. [Entertainment Weekly]

AMC announced today that they've gone and canceled their frustrating, though slight redeemed by the end of the second season mystery series The Killing. The decision seems pretty logical to us; the way the season ended, things felt pretty well finished. But Fox Television Studios, which makes the show, says they'll be shopping the show around to other networks. Which... Who's gonna buy that? Who's buying The Killing do you think? A&E? That'd be pretty low-rent for that show. Starz? Ha, Starz. At least then they could have swears! And hey, Boss is kinda good. So maybe Starz. Or, I dunno, TV Land. Why not. "Tonight, an all new The Killing, followed immediately by six hours of Hot in Cleveland." Somebody would watch! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of your favorite TV shows, in case you were worried about the fact that one day, like all things, the USA Network's Psych and Royal Pains will go off the air, fear not. The creators of those two shows have both just inked deals with USA to produce new shows. The Royal Pains guy gets an hour-long drama, the Psych guy gets a half-hour comedy. So, phew, right? Total phew. Big ol' phew. Obviously we love The Psych and Royal's Pain, so we're eager to see what the geniuses who made them do next. It's much like how this November we're not voting for Taxbama or Rom-money, we're voting for the guy that created Fox's hit crime show, The Bones. Gotta love dem Bones. The Bones 2012! [Deadline]

Celebrated glazed cruller Ryan Seacrest and his creator, chef Jamie Oliver, are working together to produce a movie about a cool-guy food truck chef who winds up at some dumpy old school and teams up with some misfit kids to totally radicalize the cafeteria menu. Yuppp. We're doing School of Rock with food, you guys. This whole foodie/food truck nonsense has gone that far. It's too much. Down with food! Boycott food, guys. [The Hollywood Reporter]

J.J. Abrams has tapped pretty, pretty screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J. Edgar, some dreams I may have had a few times) to write the script for Earthquake, a remake of the old disaster film that Abrams is producing. Well OK, technically it's not a remake, it's just that there's also an earthquake in this one and it's called Earthquake. But otherwise it's completely its own thing. Hm. Black seems like a strange pick for this? Like, can he write all those rattly action set pieces? He's been kinda the serious biopic guy so far. I guess maybe if he thinks about this as a biopic of an earthquake. "I wanted to tell the story from the earthquake's point of view." That could work. Dustin, if you need any more help or advice, you know where I sleep. [Deadline]

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