'Breaking Bad' Is Bigger Than Ever

Today in showbiz news, AMC has another hit on their hands, CBS keeps an old hit around too long, and a new Sleeping Beauty story sounds unfortunate.

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Today in showbiz news, AMC has another hit on their hands, CBS keeps an old hit around too long, and a new Sleeping Beauty story sounds unfortunate.

Last night's premiere of AMC's light musical comedy Breaking Bad earned record numbers for the show. With 2.9 million people tuning in last night (3.5 million if you include the second airing), the show had the highest season premiere it's ever had and matched last season's finale. So that is good news for the show! Too bad it doesn't really matter. Meaning, the show is definitely for sure ending next summer, so, ratings don't mean much. It's nice to know that people are watching, at least. Because it is a very good show! Not as good as, say, Suits, but good. Not quite as good as Grimm, for example, but pretty good. Not on the level of Rookie Blue, perhaps, but, y'know, sorta close. Sorta, kinda close. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of GREAT television, way better than Breaking Bad television, CBS is currently in negotiations to produce a ninth season of sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Yes. Ninth. As in nine. As in eight before it. As in eight more seasons than The Comeback, than My So-Called Life, than Freaks and Geeks, than Undeclared, than Firefly. So many more seasons than those shows. Because of Barney jokes. Because of legen... wait for it... stupid sh*t like that. So, congrats everybody! We get the shows we deserve. And the show we deserve is How I Never Met Your Mother I Was Just Lying Kids, You're Not Even My Kids, I'm Just Some Creep Who Sounds Like Bob Saget And Who Found You At An Orphanage And Drugged You And Made You Believe You Were My Kids And That You Had A Mother Which You Don't And Even If You Did And I Was Your Dad I Would Have Murdered Her Years Ago. That's what you get. For nine wonderful seasons. [Variety]

The guy who produced the 21 Jump Street movie is now working on a comedic version of Sleeping Beauty. Yeah, it's a for-laffs take that turns "the slumbering sweetie into a pesky stalker." Hm? What? Yeah, see, it's "a modern-day retelling that finds the male protagonist accidentally awakening Sleeping Beauty and finding that he can't get rid of the lovestruck heroine." Haha, get it? Because chicks are crazy. Haha. Poor dude. Just wanted to sneak a kiss on some sleeping chick and she woke up and was all on his nuts. Haha. Crazy chick. This is definitely what's a good idea. To take the old hoary damsel in distress story and give it a modern update that... turns the girl into a "pesky stalker." Well done, producer guy. Well done everyone! Frickin' chicks man. So crazy. You kiss them once while they're sleeping and they think you wanna frickin' marry them or something. Hope they call this movie Crazy Sleeping Bitch. Daniel Tosh cameos! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sorry to be Corey Complainy here today, but good grief. HBO has announced that production has begun on a new movie starring Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethyn about two mothers "who bond over the mutual loss of their sons to malaria." Which... OK, I'm sure that people who look like Hilary Swank and Brenda Blethyn lose children to malaria now and then, but maybe not nearly as much as other people? Like maybe making a movie about the tragedies of malaria and casting a white American woman and a white British woman in the leads is, like, a little bit missing the point. Just a bit? I don't know. Just a thought. Just one thought. Who knows. Ugh. [Deadline]

Phew. Something to not complain about. Anthony Mackie has been cast in the sequel to Captain America as Falcon, a pal of Cappy's who can fly and talk to birds and stuff. Anthony Mackie is a good actor and it is good when he gets work! If you don't believe me go watch Half Nelson. He is very good in that. And in other things. Can he be the actual lead in something next, though? Oops was that complaining? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Well, for sure welcome back to Complainsville, population all of us. TNT is moving forward with a post-apocalyptic show produced by Michael Bay. Which is a great idea because 1) We certainly need more post-apocalyptic shows, not nearly enough of those these days. And 2) Because Michael Bay only ever makes good things, that's just a fact of art science. Anyway, it's called The Last Ship and it's about people on a boat after the world ends. So, enjoy. [Deadline]

Last complaint of the day, I swear. Here is a trailer for MTV's new show The Inbetweeners, which is an adaptation of a delightfully crass, seriously funny British show. And, much like MTV did with the American version of Skins a little while back, this looks positively dreadful. Just the pits. Like RJ Berger with two more friends added. Not much more to say about it other than, hey MTV, maybe stop remaking British teen shows, because you are terrible at it. Really just terrible at it. You too, Josh Schwartz. Everyone just stop. Get your own ideas. Or at least steal from Americans. Sometimes that works out great!

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