Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, and Andrew Garfield Walk Into a Room...

Today: Hear all about the wedding of your teen dreams, Joe Manganiello is not going to tell you about his package, and Rumer Willis can carry a tune.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Hear all about the wedding of your teen dreams, Joe Manganiello is not going to tell you about his package, and Rumer Willis can carry a tune.

If you live in New Jersey and your teenage daughter (or son) was acting a little strange this Saturday, spazzy and anxious, not able to sit still and scratching at the door, it is because she, like a dog hearing something faraway in the night, could sense the presence of not one, not two, but three Hollywood teen-dream hunks nearby. Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, and Andrew Garfield were all at the same wedding in Englewood, NJ over the weekend, celebrating the nuptials of producer Kevin Turen and his actress wife Evelina Oboza. Pattinson was joined by his ladylove Kristen Stewart, while Garfield and Efron went solo. They all partied it up, playing music together and gently kissing each other dancing, until seven a.m., according to this report. Imagine that. So many teenagers would have literally killed to have been at that wedding. They probably would have actually murdered someone. That's what teens do these days. And that's how important Troy Bolton, Edward Cullen, and Spider-Man really are. We're hearing that Efron caught the bouquet and that he giggled and downplayed it but that there was a really excited gleam in his eye and he looked secretly happy to have gotten it. [Us Weekly]

True Blood werehunk Joe Manganiello is in the new stripper movie Magic Mike, playing a character named Big Dick Richie. And no, he's not named that because he's a total jerk. The character reveals his impressive anatomy only in silhouette, apparently, and when asked recently, Manganiello wouldn't confirm or deny if it's actually his own business in the movie. He said "I am reveling in the curiosity." Which means no, right? It means no that is not really him but he would love for you to think that it maybe is him, at least until he gets you back to your place or his place, at which point it's probably gonna happen anyway so who cares. But yes, Joe, you go and revel in that curiosity. We'll just be over here nodding our heads, feeling we know the truth. And hey, there's only one way to prove us wrong. [Page Six]

Seth MacFarlane hosted an after-after party at his own house following the premiere of his movie Ted last week, and he apparently performed a song or two, because he's kind of a dweeb that way. Interestingly, celebrity scion and Idaho's finest (she grew up in Sun Valley!) Rumer Willis also sang and was the toast of the party, crooning a rendition of "At Last" that received a standing ovation. So, good for her! The acting thing wasn't really going that well, but I guess now she's decided to go for a singing career. As long as it's something in the entertainment field, as long as people are paying attention to her, I suppose that's all that matters. No word on what Scout and Tallulah are up to these days. Oh, wait, yes there is. And they're both doing great. [Gatecrasher]

Another Magic Mike item! As we all know, that film's star, Channing Tatum, was a stripper back in his salad days in Florida, and today a video has surfaced of Tatum and friends doing the "YMCA" dance, which Tatum screws up. Yeah, apparently he messes up the letters part, which is pretty hard to mess up, but we can't confirm because we're too embarrassed to watch it. But you can! Have at it. Go for the gusto. [TMZ]

Though it's been years since they split up, regular folks Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan still avoid each other. They were both invited to a party held by David Lynch in Los Angeles (see, regular folks) this weekend, but Manson decided not to go when he heard that McGowan would be there. Which is too bad for David Lynch, because something tells me he'd rather have Marilyn Manson there than the lady who replaced Shannen Doherty on Charmed. Or maybe not! Who knows. What is clear is that these two need to sit down and have it out because they broke up over ten years ago and it's time. If not for yourselves, do it for David Lynch. [Page Six]

"Reese Witherspoon Breaks Silence on Pregnancy." Hm. "Breaks Silence"? Really? Sure she mentioned it publicly for the first time at a film event in Chicago over the weekend, but she's been visibly pregnant of late and isn't that kind of its own non-silence? I mean, she's pregnant, not a Communist. There's nothing really to "break silence" about here. "Reese Witherspoon Breaks Silence About Time She Hit Man On Dark Country Road But Kept Driving." That would be a good Breaks Silence headline. Or, "Reese Witherspoon Breaks Silence On Scandal, Confirms She Is a Moonie." But her pregnancy, saying that she feels "very round"? Not really worth the phrase. [Us Weekly]

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