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Did you see Prometheus this weekend and, like so many other people, leave with a lot of questions? Maybe the kind of questions that are more expressions of frustration than actual requests for answers? Yeah, well, you are not alone. At long last (the movie opened five days ago) a YouTube video, a vital and funny one, has emerged that asks all the big questions for you. Spoilers ahoy.

The pop culture jokesters at Red Letter Media have put together a comprehensive list of questions about this irksomely obfuscating movie, from "What was that black goo?" to "Is he an expert in things that have never, ever happened?" to "Did he forget his wallet in there?" And it's funny! But it's also, y'know, correct. There are a lot of big, annoying dangling threads in Prometheus and it's good to see someone finally speaking truth to power and saying "Hey, wait a minute..." So if you've seen the movie and feel a little frustrated, watch this video. (It's a little NSFW, fyi.) It's very reminiscent of this video about Lost, which, hey, was also written (sometimes) by Damon Lindelof. Get it together, Lindelof!

If you haven't seen the movie, don't watch, of course. Unless you want to be spoiled. If that's the case then yes, definitely watch it. Because this puts the spoil in spoilers.

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