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OMG. OMG. Did you hear? Matt Lauer's like finally tweeting, and he like, has all the deets about Biebs' concert today on Today​! First tweets, especially when they come from celebrities, are a big thing. We pay attention (most of the time) so of course it was a quasi-big moment today (get it?) that Today show anchor Matt Lauer activated his verified @MLauer Twitter handle. What we didn't expect, was for the 54-year-old Matt Lauer, who NBC pays some $25 million per year, would be a victim of Bieber Fever. "If u want to find out Justins first song hes performing tweet me," Lauer tweeted shortly after 8 a.m., sounding not unlike a lucky fan girl. Adding shortly after, "Justin is a great sport! Concert will be amazing."

Of course, Lauer's Bieber worship was rewarded by the golden child himself: 

And just to give you an idea of the power of Bieber, Lauer now has an army of teenage girls at his beck and call over 41,000 followers (and counting) for an account that's been alive for under an hour.

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