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Former Even Stevens kid breakout turned movie star Shia LaBeouf is now baring it all in a new video for Icelandic dream band Sigur Rós' new song "Fjögur Píanó." Yes, ol' Mutt Williams goes nude.

So needless to say the video is likely NSFW, unless you work in an art gallery or at some sort of whimsical sex shoppe in Reykjavik. Otherwise, yes, you might want to wait until you get home. The video is strange — LaBeouf and his equally naked female counterpart do choreographed movements and paint on each other — but it's pretty, too. The nudity is really only at the beginning, mostly the video is the pair doing dreamy things in a bedroom while Sigur Rós' lovely, pondering song keens away. Pretentious as the video, which is supposedly about addiction of some kind, may be, with all its beautiful feet tromping across cigarette butts and Bill T. Jones-style choreography, it's neat that LaBeouf took some time from his movie star schedule to do this kind of an experiment. It seems he's maybe, after three gross Transformers movies, ready to get serious. He's got this art project, and then the John Hillcoat drama Lawless coming up later this summer, and at some point a movie with Robert Redford about the Weather Underground. Shia LaBeouf is turning into a grownup artiste!

But yeah, mostly, OMG, you guys Shia LaBeouf is naked and doing strange stuff in some sort of viking pixie performance art video. What a weirdo!

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