Rihanna and Chris Brown Can't Stay Apart; Boehner Spanks Luke Russert

Today: Rihanna and Chris Brown inch closer, Matthew McConaughey ties the knot, and Will and Jada are forever

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Rihanna and Chris Brown inch closer, John Boehner hates Luke Russert, and Matthew McConaughey ties the knot.

Just last week we were hearing that exes Rihanna and Chris Brown were giving each other the stink-eye at a nightclub in Los Angeles, but now it seems their club-going behavior toward one another has softened. This weekend they were both at a place called SL in New York, and while the two didn't say hi to one another, Brown sent over two bottles of champagne and Rihanna didn't pour them out over his head or throw them in the trash or anything. So maybe they are reconciling? Whatever is happening, it does seem strange that they'd both be at the same nightclub two weeks in a row. Obviously there are only a few nightclubs in both New York and Los Angeles, like three or four max I think, so it sorta makes sense that they'd bump into each other, but twice in two weeks! That seems like kismet. Terrible, terrible kismet. [Page Six]

Now that the White House Correspondents dinner is weeks past, it's back to the regular sad old boring parties for Washington D.C., we're afraid. This weekend there was the WHC-similar Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents dinner, which is billed as "the celebrity-free dinner." Which... Sounds fun! But really, the party shouldn't be so hard on itself. They had celebrities! Like Ayla Brown, the American Idol reject daughter of Senator Scott Brown. And Wayne Brady, who did an improv song and everything. So come on, that's still pretty good. Plus apparently John Boehner got up and said this at one point: "Loudmouth Luke Russert. You know he’s so rude, so loud. He’s taller than everybody. He’s louder than everybody. Behave yourself, Junior. Behave yourself." Which is pretty terrific! It's pretty terrific that some kind of soused John Boehner decided to put Luke Russert over his knee and give him a lesson in having some damn respect in front of everyone. That happening almost, almost makes up for the fact that the thing was held in a tent in a Fuddrucker's parking lot. [Reliable Source]

Mellowness-based actor Matthew McConaughey wed his girlfriend of six years Camila Alves over a three-day shindig in Austin this weekend. The couple set up a fancy campground for the guests, including Woody Harrelson and Reese Witherspoon, John Mellencamp played music for everyone, and there was of course a naked bongo drumming ceremony. It sounds like a real nice affair. Or rather it was, until on Sunday they served food cooked by shrieking peroxide demon Guy Fieri and everything went to hell. Oh, Matthew, you were so close! But then you up and Fieri'd it. Ah, well. You'll get 'em next time. [Us Weekly]

Aw no. Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries, the simple and mostly friendly giant who lives out in the wild by where the big rocks are, has had his lawyers contact the FBI, asking them to look into an ex-girlfriend that he claims is extorting him. That's pretty serious business! Kris Humphries is not joking around. Of course he had initially asked his lawyers to "call up the Men in Black," due to a half-formed little theory dimly bouncing around his big ol' skull that she was some sort of alien, but of course his legal team had to gently sit him down and inform the gullible behemoth that the Men in Black aren't real. Kris was saddened by the news, feeling once again cheated and deceived, and the townspeople could hear his giant sobs, echoing across the hills, all through the night. Poor Kris. Poor sweet, enormous creature. [TMZ]

Broadway actor and 30 Rock regular Cheyenne Jackson met Barack Obama last week at a Broadway-themed fundraiser and said that he was at a loss for words when meeting the Prez. Obama was, of course, not tongue tied, and apparently told Jackson that he looked "like a movie star." The President is not wrong about that! Obama then narrowed his eyes and said "Now sing for me, song-monkey," and Jackson spluttered for a bit, smiling awkwardly, unable to tell if the President was joking. [Page Six]

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith celebrated fifteen years of marriage this weekend, a milestone for any couple let alone one in the divorce-plagued world of Hollyweird. Pinkett Smith was interviewed this weekend about the anniversary, and when asked how the couple was celebrating, she said "usually on our wedding anniversary, we give ourselves a high-five and go, 'We survived another year, homie! Yeah!' " Oh. How... How romantic. Such a loving couple, those two. [People]

The ghosts of scene-y New York revelers a few years past will linger on a bit more in the West Village, as the reopening of the once-infamous night spot the Beatrice Inn, repurposed into an old people-friendly steakhouse by Graydon Carter, has been delayed. So the spirits of Chloë and Mary-Kate and Josh Hartnett and all them will dance on for a little while longer, before they are cast out by the steak-hungry shuffling of a thousand boring middle aged people come to sit quietly and eat their dinner. So in the meantime, in this liminal space, prance on, phantasms! [Page Six]

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