Philip Seymour Hoffman Goes Rogue

Today: PSH goes off the grid, Lindsay Lohan has a terrible new project in the works, and Dexter has a new ladyfriend.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: PSH goes off the grid, Lindsay Lohan has a terrible new project in the works, and Dexter has a new ladyfriend.

Philip Seymour Hoffman has, because why not, decided to leave his agency of 18 years and just go out on his own. Yup, he's left Paradigm and it seems has no plans to take any meetings with other agencies. He's flying solo, in the wind, a real rebel type. This comes on the heels of the news that Hoffman has been offered a role in the next Hunger Games movie, the small-ish but pivotal part of Plutarch Heavensbee, a secret ally of Katniss' in the fomenting rebellion. Rebellion! Just like he's doing in real life. We'd advise him to take it, but as we've just learned, Philip Seymour Hoffman don't wanna listen to nobody but Philip Seymour Hoffman. Still, we hope he makes the right choice. (Meaning the one that will earn him lots of money for doing a few days work in some sure-to-be ridiculous costume.) [Deadline]

Well, here's a fine trio: Onetime enfant terrible turned adult nuisance Bret Easton Ellis, porn star James Deen, and calamity demon Lindsay Lohan. They're all workin' on a movie together. Indeed, it's been announced that Lohan is in negotiations to star in Ellis' "sexual thriller" The Canyons, opposite Deen, a particular object of fascination for Ellis if his terrifically obnoxious Twitter account is to be believed. Fittingly, American Gigolo and Auto Focus director Paul Schraeder is on hand to direct this thing, which will shoot in Los Angeles next month. So... That ought to be seedy and awful! Sure it's good that Lindsay Lohan is working and all, we're sure she needs the money, but this kind of thing doesn't exactly feel like a healthy project. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Attention fans of The Chuck, a show about Chuck: That show's leading actress, Yvonne Strahovski, the lover of Chuck, has landed a multi-episode role on next season of Dexter. She'll play a tough babe with a shadowy past, because no one on Dexter ever has a sunshiny past. Probably the hardest thing for Strahovski to do on set will be trying to not call the show The Dexter, because she's just so used to the title of her old show. Which was The Chuck, was about Chuck, and is now over. [Deadline]

A set of videos has been released promoting Oliver Stone's upcoming drug kidnapping thriller The Savages, each one serving as a sort of vague introduction to the film's main characters. Really the only interesting thing about them is that it's fun(ny) to watch Blake Lively try to be all tough and cool, and of course no one has ever complained about having to look at Taylor Kitsch or Salma Hayek. Oddly, John Travolta, who is in the movie, didn't get his own video. Probably just an oversight. He was probably off getting a massage the day they filmed them or something. [Deadline]

Here's a new clip from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man in which Andrew Garfield impresses Chris Zylka with his hot new b-ball skillz. Basically Andrew Garfield is trying to get Chris Zylka to grab his ball. Which, sure, probably happens a lot. So they grope and wrestle and you forget what this movie is about for a second and start hoping they'll break out into High School Musical-style song. But then you quickly remember that it's not something fabulous like that it's just another old Spider-Man story. Oh well.

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