Is Peggy Olson Gone Too?

In today's Call Sheet: A potential spoiler has been leaked from the offices of Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce, Jerry O'Connell gets a spooky new job, and Darren Aronofsky picks two young men.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: A potential spoiler has been leaked from the offices of Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce, Jerry O'Connell gets a spooky new job, and Darren Aronofsky picks two young men.

HEY. Mad Men spoilers guys. BEWARE: Thar be spoilers ahead. K? K? OK. Good. So, in the wake of Lane Pryce's surprising death everyone is wondering what it's like to leave the show and all that. So in an interview someone asked the actor, Jared Harris, if there was a going away party and stuff and he basically said no they didn't have one because people leave the show all the time and it's really just a matter of course. Then he said, "Elisabeth [Moss] left the episode before and she’d been there since the beginning." So! Does that mean that Peggy Olson is gone from the show for good?? That would be pretty big. But that's kinda Matthew Weiner's way. We'll just have to wait and seeeeee. I think she's done. That's it. Her story was sort of finished at the agency anyway, wasn't it? She grew wings and flew away. That's how that ends, yeah? [The Daily]

Ha, here is some big, very important news about the new Munsters show. Oh, yeah, ha, NBC is redoing The Munsters and calling it Mockingbird Lane, because a Munsters remake is really what everyone's really been clamoring for. Anyway, the news is that Jerry O'Connell, yes the, Jerry O'Connell, has slid into a dimension where he's the lead on a remake of The Munsters. Yup, he'll be playing Herman, the Frankenstein monster. That's... odd casting? Still have trouble picturing Jerry O'Connell as a real adult, so that's probably the issue. But he is, so he's playing Herman Munster. Congratulations, Jerry? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sweet haunted Christmas, more Munsters news! You know Bill's mean old vampire maker from True Blood? Well she was played by an actress named Mariana Klaveno who has been cast as Lily Munster, Jerry O'Connell's wife, on the new Munsters show. There's only one problem! Klaveno is already under contract with the ABC pilot Devious Maids, which may now be going to Lifetime, and though Klaveno is barely in the pilot, she is considered a principal, so she is bound by her contract, and might not be able to do Munsters. And she'd be a lead! And the actresses on Devious Maids have been asked to take pay cuts because of the switch to basic cable. And yet she might not be able to do it because ABC is not letting go of her. Isn't that mean? Well, OK, it's not like switching over and going to The Munsters is going to be some big, better thing, but it's a lead and it's more money and NBC is being flexible and saying she can be a recurring on Devious Maids, but ABC won't budge. That is just cruel. Come on, ABC. Have a heart. Let this lady do The Munsters. It's her life long dream. It's all of our life long dreams. It's the American dream. Munsters! Munsters! Munsters! C'mon, join me. Donna Munster graduates! Donna Munster graduates! Or whatever. [Deadline]

Hm. Iron Man director Jon Favreau is reportedly eying the movie adaptation of the smash musical Jersey Boys for his next project. The show, to those of you without grandmothers, is about Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons and is beloved of older women the Tri-State region over. It's unclear what Favreau's concept for the movie would be, but he's proven himself capable enough in the past (save, of course, for Cowboys & Aliens, a strange movie about Harrison Ford learning to love his adopted Indian son) that we're sure he can handle it. Plus it's just "Walk Like a Man" and all that business. It'll be fine. It drives itself. Hell, Jerry O'Connell could direct this thing. And he would, only The Munsters won't let him out of his contract. [Variety]

Darren Aronofsky has just cast two young actors to play big roles in his Noah's Ark movie that stars Russell Crowe as history's first cruise director. Burgeoning American star Logan Lerman, from Percy Jackson and Perks of Being a Wallflower (Percy's Perks?), will play Noah's older son Ham, while British glamourpuss Douglas Booth will play the younger son, Eggs Shem. So those are big roles for them! Congrats, boys. Aronofsky has yet to cast three other big roles. Noah's enemy (what, rain?) was rumored to be played by Liam Neeson, but that's now not happening. Jennifer Connelly might be the choice to play Noah's wife, but nothing is official. And there's a role for a girl to play Ham's love interest, Cheese. Who should play her, proud beautiful Cheese? We say save some money and have lil' Dougie Booth pout extra pretty and play the gal too. [Deadline]
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