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Want to live like a Targaryen? Or, no, a Baratheon? Or, wait, like some hypothetical Game of Thrones king who doesn't get murdered? Well then, all you have to do is purchase one of the replicas of the show's iconic iron throne, the seat made of swords where many a Westerosi king has sat, that HBO has just started selling. They're only $30,000!

Yup, 30,000 gold dragons is what HBO is asking for these chairs, which weigh 350 pounds and stand over seven feet tall. That'll go well in most any living room. And don't worry, the chair is not actually made of iron, it's made of fiberglass and resin, so it's kid safe. Though having kids would require having sex and if you're the sort of person willing to drop thirty large on a fake throne from a fantasy TV show, then you are probably not having much of the sex. So the point's moot, really.

But yeah, if you have the money, you should buy it. Don't listen to all that talk in the books about how uncomfortable the chair is. It's not comfort you're after, anyway. (For comfort you can just sit in your Alf Barcalounger.) You're after respect! Honor! Fear. And nothing will engender that quite so much as being seen in your suburban living room sitting on a $30,000 chair from the TV.

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