Now Rihanna and Chris Are Getting Back Together

Today: The latest on RiChri is that they're pretty serious, Miss Pennsylvania keeps yapping, and Stacy and George enjoy Italy while you don't.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The latest on RiChri is that they're pretty serious, Miss Pennsylvania keeps yapping, and Stacy and George enjoy Italy while you don't.

OK so the Rihanna/Chris news of the day is now that they're like thisclose to getting back together. He watched a basketball game with her family on Saturday and everything. So who knows. And who really knows how to talk about this? Obviously Chris Brown seems like a bad guy based on past things, but we also don't know him and Rihanna does, so if she wants to take him back, as weird as that might seem to us, that's also her prerogative, right? Like, people getting mad at Rihanna about this are sort of failing to realize that they are not her friend and do not know her or Chris Brown and really who are we to butt our noses in and say "Shame, shame." That's all. So it's awkward to talk about. Because yes Chris Brown did a terrible thing and we certainly don't want Rihanna taking him back, but it's also their beeswax. Let's remember whose beeswax this is. [Page Six]

Yikes. That embarrassing Miss Pennsylvania who doesn't like transgendered people ruining her very traditional, very important beauty pageant and who claims that the recent Miss USA pageant was rigged, had a text message thing surface where she basically says that Miss Colorado and Miss South Carolina were too ugly to get as far in the competish as they did. Oh brother. Honestly, lady. Being shocked over the questionable integrity of a beauty pageant is about as exciting as saying that the cable company might be charging you a little too much. We all know, it's a great national injustice, and there's nothing to be done about it. Stop whistle-blowing, Miss Pennsylvania. Nobody's listening. [TMZ]

Well isn't that nice. America's bachelor uncle George Clooney and his ladyfriend, elfin cookie heiress Stacy Keibler, are currently vacationing together in Italy at Clooney's Lake Como villa. They were seen taking a yacht ride with some friends, so that's awfully nice for them. Aren't you so happy for them? Y'know? Like, how's work? How's the desk? How's the boring old lunch you're going to eat? How's that train ride home? How's doing it all again tomorrow? Yeah, well, at least we know that George Clooney and his squeeze du jour are having a nice time in It'ly, yukking it up on some yacht while we John and Jane Stinkpots sit here and mutter to ourselves. [Us Weekly]

Oho! Katie Couric has a mysterious new man in her life, having gone on several dates and showing him her colonoscopy tape and everything. But who is it??? Nobody knows! Which— Wait a minute. Guys. Wait. Where... Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Is he— OMG, finally!! [Page Six]

Hey it's George H.W. Bush's 88th birthday so we should all be celebrating this, his Walnut Jubilee. Pretty sure that's what they call the 88th birthday. Our guess is that the family will enjoy the day up in Kennebunkport, playing games and laughing until George W. flips the backgammon board because he's losing and goes to sulk on the porch and everyone has to deal with that and isn't this typical of him, ruining another nice family time. [Playbook]

While George and Stacy are flitting about Italian lakes, lonely old widow (might as well be) Jennifer Aniston and her current con man boyfriend (what's your game, man?) Justin Theroux are enjoying Paris, walking along the Seine and touring the Tuileries and all that fancy French stuff. So aren't they great. Aren't we just clapping for them as we contemplate the yogurt and granola we have for lunch and the date with our couch that we have for later this evening. Have a great trip, Jen and Justin! Don't fall in the river or anything. [Us Weekly]

Country phenom Carrie Underwood is coming out in support of gay marriage, but only in British newspapers. Still, though, good for the gal, who as a country singer has a lot of not-so-friends of Dorothy as her fanbase. Apparently Clay Aiken tweeted his support of her statements yesterday, which is funny because the phrase "Clay Aiken tweeted" sounds like a sentence in a made up language that twins who grew up in the Smoky Mountains would teach each other. [Los Angeles Times]

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