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Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin survived his recall election and Jon Stewart, being Jon Stewart, runs down the networks' spins on the results. So weep for the unions, yes, but make sure to save a tear for MSNBC, too. The liberal-leaning network just can't seem to accept that Wisconsin Democrats' year-long effort to oust the union-busting governor was for naught. MSNBC reporters and anchors can't get past denial, the first of the five stages of grief, with Ed Schultz incredulous to the results, even as his own network was calling the election for Walker, and Lawrence O’Donnell deciding that the big surprise winner from Tuesday night was... President Obama. "Just like Obama drew it up on the chalkboard," Stewart jokes. "'Hey guys, I got an idea. What if we figure out a way to have the core what we believe soundly rejected by voters in a swing state just five months before the national election?'"


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