Mike Tyson to Knock Out Broadway

Today: Mike Tyson is doing a one-man show in New York, Charlie Bucket heads to the West End, and Ed Helms is a busy man.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Mike Tyson is doing a one-man show in New York, Charlie Bucket heads to the West End, and Ed Helms is a busy man.

Onetime popular boxer-turned-convicted rapist-turned-weird self-parodier Mike Tyson is now adding "Broadway performer" to his checkered résumé. He will be doing a six-show run of his Spike Lee-directed one man show Undisputed Truth on the Great White Way (coming from a Vegas run), from July 31 to August 5. The show is basically Tyson telling his life story to the audience, which sounds great, because listening to that voice for two hours is probably not annoying or horrible at all. What we're wondering today is: Who is this for? Boxing fans probably don't go to the theater much, right? So who else is there? Old people who go see Broadway plays probably wouldn't be too interested. God knows the theater queens won't be. It just seems very strange. Our guess is that the limited run-ness of it will be the major draw — people wanting to experience a rare thing — and that Spike Lee's involvement will attract some viewers. But just Mike Tyson on his own? Doesn't sound like much of a theater thing. [Playbill]

Speaking of theater, Sam Mendes has signed on to direct a new West End stage musical based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with music by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Because, yes, the two movie adaptations, both of which had music numbers in them, just weren't enough. We really need more. As many adaptations as the world can handle, that's what we say! [Playbill]

Mike Tyson's The Hangover costar Ed Helms has just jumped aboard two movies. He's playing the love interest to Amy Poehler in the comedy They Came Together, which was written by Wet Hot American Summer's David Wain and Michael Showalter and could be very exciting. And he's going to cameo in the Jennifer Aniston/Jason Sudeikis weed road comedy We're The Millers, which was written by the Wedding Crashers guys and sounds considerably less exciting. Helms is doing all of that in July before jumping back into The Office on the 30th and then doing The Hangover 3 in the middle of September. He is a very busy person! It's almost like he is on a hit show and in a popular movie franchise or something. [Deadline]

Fox has announced the premiere dates for the fall season, and while you will not have to wait long for The X Factor (9/12), you will have to forever for Fringe (10/26). Also Glee gets started very early (9/13), while New Girl and the rest of those comedies don't come around until the end of September (9/25). But, of course, most important of all, the thing you're all desperately wondering about, is when is The Bones coming back? Well, don't worry, you'll get your beloved Booth and his girlfriend Lady Bones back on September 17. Phew. It's such a long summer without The Bones, but it helps to know that we're already a day less than three months away from more sweet, sweet Bonesy action. [Entertainment Weekly]

Celebrity pants-dropper (NSFW) Alex Pettyfer has joined the cast of Lee "I Made Nicole Kidman Pee On Zac Efron" Daniels' next film The Butler, the one that tells the true-life story of a butler who worked at the White House through like eight presidencies or something. The character is named Thomas Westphall and it's said he'll appear early on in the film's timeline, but that's about all we know. Chances are, though, that he won't be strip dancing. Though, it is a Lee Daniels movie. So you never do know. [Deadline]

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