Lindsay Lohan Is Back to Partying

Today: LiLo was out and about after her exhaustion scare, Gisele might be preggers, and Kate Middleton would like to be soon.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: LiLo was out and about after her exhaustion scare, Gisele might be preggers, and Kate Middleton would like to be soon.

A mere day after her big paramedics scare, when she was reported to have been found unresponsive in her hotel room and everyone freaked out that something terrible had happened but then it turned out to be no big deal, just "exhaustion" from working a lot, Lindsay Lohan was seen whooping it up until past 1 a.m. at the Chateau Marmont. An outrage! A sign of doom! Etc.! Except, well, depending on her schedule, 1 a.m. isn't that late. We're more concerned about who she was said to be hanging out with: "Chatting with a group of five men, Lohan spent the night surrounded by celebs including Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson, Busy Philipps and Haylie Duff." I mean, who were the five guys, these dudes? Lindsay, if you were hanging out with, like, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, all these bad things might not happen. Just something to think about. [Us Weekly]

There are rumors a'flyin' that supermodel Gisele Bündchen might be pregnant with her second child. Basically she was spotted eating at La Esquina in Manhattan with a group of friends and she only drank water all night. No booze, so she must be pregnant. It's possible she is, but we think we'd know. I mean, we're talking about Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady having sex and creating life here. When gods such as these breed, there is the sound of great thunder from the North and the seas churn in the East and all the animals from the forests of the West all come out to the edge of the woods and bow to these omnipotent deities as they mate somewhere on their godly plane. We'd remember if that had happened in the last couple months, right? Tom Brady doesn't get Gisele Bündchen pregnant without someone noticing. [Page Six]

While on the subject of babies, buried in this story about how Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of All England Kate Middleton went on a camping trip with innercity children in $500 wellies and told the kids that her husband, Lord William Windsor Tudor Hanover St. Britain, High Prince of the Anglos, spoils her, is an exciting little tidbit. Apparently, master William might soon put an heir in her belly. Some sort of inside source from Buckingham Palace (it's just Prince Phillip doing a funny Yorkshire accent and giggling) says that the couple plans to get pregnant some time between this fall and next summer. Which is crazy! If the future King of the Empire (why not make him emperor??) begets a son, the royal line will be assured for another generation! It's a big deal. If they have some measly old daughter, though, that'll work fine too. Just look at Wills' grandma. She's done pretty well for herself. Anyway, all hail the true emissaries of God on Earth, these British people who live in mansions and wear fancy boots. [Us Weekly]

Uh oh. Channing Tatum has some male strippers mad at him. Two of the guys that Tatum used to strip with down in Florida claim that much of Tatum's upcoming stripper movie Magic Mike is based on their lives, and that Tatum stole their stories and, more importantly, their sweet sexy dance moves. A guy who goes by Awesome Austin (creative!) says that Tatum has betrayed the "brotherhood" of the stripper community by taking all this material and then not involving the guys in the movie. Like, the "Hot Seat" dance that Tatum does in the movie? That was all Awesome Austin's. So was some backstory, and some other dance moves, and the scene where Tatum is seen in a phone booth across the street from the club crying into the phone and saying to someone "I don't feel so awesome anymore..." All that is Awesome Austin's! Well, what can you do. Tatum is free to take his own memories of a place and do something with them, but I can understand this sacred brotherhood feeling a bit burnt. After all, Tatum only danced for a few months and the rest of the guys were serious pros. Though, looking at the group photo from back in the day that features Tatum, we should be glad that the movie stars the people it does. Let's just say that. [TMZ]

A historic home that once housed a women's rights organization has decided to give Laura Bush its annual Alice (Paul) Award for women's things, and some people are mad about it. Yes, the Sewall-Belmont House in D.C. has chosen the former First Lady for its prestigious prize, causing a group of 20 prominent feminists to write an angry letter in opposition. They claim that Bush hasn't done much to advance the cause of women and in fact has stayed completely mum about the encroachments on women's rights made by her supposed political party, the Republicans. Bush's supporters cite her advocacy work with Afghan and African women, but the detractors say it's not enough. Who knows what the right answer is, it's all relative after all, but we think that everyone should just go read American Wife and cool down for a bit. That's our recommendation for you ladies. Don't want to get all hysterical, now. Why don't you ask your husbands. They'll figure it out for you. (And that is how George W. Bush will win a feminism award!) [Reliable Source]

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