Justin Bieber Is the Biggest Boy on the Block

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Bieber is a top seller, Nathan Lane heads back to TV, and TBS makes a strange decision.

Justin Bieber's Believe sold 374,000 copies in its first week, making it the best debut of the year so far. He even beat the great Madonna's MDNA debut by 15,000 copies, meaning Madonna has sent for a huntsman to cut out his heart. So, watch out for that, Biebsy. This is Bieber's fourth Billboard number one album, meaning he's officially more successful than Mozart, who never had a Billboard Hot 200 number one as far as we're aware. Nobody wants to watch Justin Bieber, but boy does everybody want to listen to him. Justin Bieber music is playing all the time, everywhere these days. At the barber shop, at the tattoo parlor, at the boxing gym, at construction sites, at Army recruitment offices, and especially at steel mills across the nation. Always at the steel mills. [Entertainment Weekly]

Nathan Lane has joined the cast of The Good Wife in a recurring role, playing some sort of bank guy bothering the firm. So, that could be interesting. Or not. It's Nathan Lane. He's either some fun character or he's Nathan Lane. You never know which one you're going to get. With The Good Wife, though, our bet is that it will be the former. Maybe he and that mean divorce lawyer guy will be a couple! Or maybe he'll get it on with Christine Baranski. Anything could happen! [Deadline]

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Dear god, it lives. TBS has renewed its sitcom Men at Work, that thing with the dude from That '70s Show and some other fellas, for a second season. Citing the network's pact with the Devil, a TBS spokesperson said of the renewal, "The Dark One has commanded us to make more of his wicked material, and so we obey. We shall not rest until all have been destroyed by this program, created by His Evilness's most loyal slave, Breckin Meyer, who stars on The Blackheart Lord's favorite show, Franklin & Bash." (Seriously, Breckin Meyer created Men at Work.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Game of Thrones will be filming some scenes in Morocco for next season, presumably more of Daenerys' adventures across the Narrow Sea. Also, show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will each take a turn directing an episode, which is well deserved. Oddly, frequent director Alan Taylor will not be helming any of next season's episodes, but that's probably nothing to worry about. It will still be good! It can't not to be good. It's based on the third book. THE book. Come on guys, it's going to be great. [Entertainment Weekly]

Hahaha. Hayden Christensen is making progress in a lawsuit against the USA Network over his claims that they stole his idea for Royal Pains. Haaaa. Someone is trying to take credit for Royal Pains? And that someone is Hayden Christensen??? The world is a wonderful, weird, whimsical place, isn't it? Hayden Christensen invented Royal Pains, you guys. A judge kiiiind of said so. Meanwhile, Kellan Lutz's lawsuit against TNT for stealing his idea for The Closer has reached a standstill. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Glen Mazzara, who runs The Walking Dead, says that Rick, Kiddo, Blondie and the gang will never find a "safe haven" on the show. That is not the world they live in, apparently, one where safe havens exist. So it'll be all relentless awful forever and ever for everybody. Sounds fun! What a fun show that Walking Dead is, huh? Cheery little thing. Mazzara also said that none of the characters will ever become interesting and that Rick will never not be conflicted about his leadership role. That's not the world we live in, unfortunately. [The Wrap]

Here's a trailer for the new Bernie Madoff/Chappaquiddick (I guess?) thriller Arbitrage, starring Richard Gere. It got some good notices at Sundance this year and looks pretty compelling, so maybe this will be Richard Gere's year for an Oscar? It's about time! I mean, after all that work in Intersection and The Mothman Prophecies and Bee Season. He's due, y'know.

And here's a trailer for Robot & Frank, which is about Frank Langella teaching a robot how to be a jewel thief. So, the prophecy is complete.

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