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Bummed that the New York State Senate isn't as down with reefer as Gov. Mario Cuomo, Jon Stewart looked across the Hudson on The Daily Show las night to see if he could find his marijuana fix in the Garden State. While New Jersey's legislature is considering a marijuana decriminalization bill, the state's large-and-in-charge leader, Chris Christie, is doing what he does best: blocking the way. But the governor's justification for vetoing the bill if passed—that it contradicts federal law banning the drug—goes up in smoke once Stewart realizes that Christie has no problem flouting the feds when it come to another prohibited transgression, sports gambling. "Wait, how did Governor 'Guys, Stop Smoking Pot, It's Against the Law' just go Dirty Harry on ignoring the federal ban on sports gambling?" Stewart wonders. His advice: "Why don't you just think of using marijuana as betting you're going to have a better day."


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