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"We at The Daily Show, we poke a decent amount of fun at politicians," Jon Stewart said starting off yesterday's show. "But every now and then a politician comes along who is just truly terrible, and really deserving of more scorn than even we can dole out in our nightly 22-minute-and-30-second wiseass-athon."

That terrible politician is Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Stewart takes particular exception to the new voting laws Scott has been pushing. Like planned purge of noncitizens from the voter rolls, which surely makes even legally-here Hispanics less eager to register. Or the elimination of early voting on the Sunday before election days when many churchgoing African-American traditionally vote. Or the prohibitively small 48-hour window in which voter registrations must be filed in the state, making it harder for new voters to register... Well, we end up getting three groups discouraged from voting. And what do these groups tend to have in common? They tend to vote Democratic. We wonder what party Rick Scott is in...

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