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Is Mitt Romney's wealth and many homes "fair game" for the media to scrutinize, like The New York Times did in this week in its Home and Garden section? Joe Scarborough certainly didn't think so on his show Morning Joe, even as a co-host pointed out that The Times had given even-richer John Kerry the same treatment in 2004. But on The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart, ever observant of cable news networks' antics, has seen this game of asking what parts of presidential candidates' lives are "fair game" for the other side to attack before. Are Romney's high-school days fair game? What about Obama's birth certificate? Or Romney's church?

Enough. "I'm beginning to think that this whole media 'Is it fair?' conversation is a time-killing circle-jerk," Stewart said. "But that would be a disservice to circle-jerks because even circle-jerks end with some kind of tangible conclusion." He suggests that the media ask instead if attacks are accurate... but you know, finding the answer to those questions would be hard work.


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