Jon Stewart: Fox News Needs Another Editor

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"The president's use of executive power to permit certain young immigrants to stay in the country, it's upset many Republican," Jon Stewart said on last night's Daily Show. "Not because it could lose them the Hispanic vote for generations, but because they feel badly it took Obama so long to do it." Cue footage of Lindsey Graham and John McCain, among other, skewering the president for not acting on immigration until the fourth year of this term... even though those very senators were part of a Republican coalition in 2010 that filibustered a piece of legislation that looked and felt a lot like what Obama just executively ordered.

But even then, it's Fox News that takes the prize for hypocrisy in this latest round of the immigration debate. Stewart finds that Sean Hannity's show selectively edited footage of Obama saying that "it's just not true" that he can pass comprehensive immigration reform by myself, cutting the clip just before Obama details the steps he can take within the power of this office to prioritize who gets deported. “They cut him off just before he very clearly says that he can do the exact thing he just did, but which you said he said he’s not supposed to..."


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