Jon Stewart Dines Out on Fox News and CNN's Supreme Blunders

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CNN and Fox News screwed up royally yesterday, initially reporting that the individual mandate had been struck down by the Supreme Court when in fact the exact opposite happened. Sure, that's embarrassing, but who should be more embarrassed? As many people predicted on Twitter yesterday, Jon Stewart had something to say about this on last night's Daily Show.

Turning to the tape, Stewart found that Fox corrected itself in less than two minutes. Kudos! But how did CNN do? "They go not one minute, not two minutes, three... seven full minutes of unconstitutional hyperventilation," Stewart finds, with the network all the while criticizing how major a blow the ruling was to the Obama administration. But CNN had one thing right: Its report was a major blow for someone. "Yes, how will this administration recover after this incredibly public blow to their credibility," Jon Stewart jokes. "I mean, the administration staked their entire reputation on this important moment. And now the administration is out there, the face of this giant f-ck-up."


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