Jon Stewart Counts All the Ways Latinos Are Pandered To

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Following the Supreme Court's immigration decision, what better time for Jon Stewart and his Daily Show team to examine the presidential candidates' Latino pandering skills? Mitt Romney and Barack Obama convinently both spoke at a NALEO conference last week, giving Stewart the chance to do a round-by-round comparisons of the two sucking up to Americas's largest minority group. First  were the introductions, which Obama comfortably won by speaking en español. But the second round, personal connections, went to Romney with his Mexican-born father despite Hilda Solis, the president's Latina secretary of labor ("Some of my best secretaries of labor are Latino!") 

Final round: legislation. Although Obama clearly scored points with the judges with his DREAM Act-like new immigration policy, Romney promised to trump whatever Obama's done with a permanent solution (without offering specifics). "Like a tattoo American college students get on a spring break Mexican bender," Stewart says. "You don’t know what it is yet. You don’t know if you like it. But it will be permanent." To boot: the show's main guest just happened to Latino political darling Marco Rubio.


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