It's Never Good When Jon Stewart Compares You to Bush

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You know President Obama is on the wrong side of an issue when Jon Stewart he starts comparing him to his predecessor. The issue at hand on yesterday's Daily Show is, of course, "Fast and Furious," the U.S. government's failed "gunwalking" scheme in which guns were sold to known arms traffickers in Mexico. We're not sure how such a half-baked plan came to fruition, especially since Obama exercised executive privilege to prevent the release of documents. Who does that remind Stewart of?

"It turns out that during the Bush administration, executive privilege was seen by the Democrats as a refuge of scoundrels, a method of obstruction used for anything from keeping the Bush White House Valerie Plame investigation documents secret to preventing Karl Rove, Josh Bolton, and Harriet Miers from testifying about the 2007 attorneys purge," Stewart says. "The Democrats are now in a position of having to defend an executive action they thoroughly denounced during the Bush administration not five years prior." That can't be a comparison Obama enjoys.


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