It's Morning in Westeros: The 'Game of Thrones' Super PAC Ads

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Let's just call Game of Thrones for what it is: A sexy political campaign featuring two years and twenty episodes of people making empty promises to the masses, and power plays for one dumb job. The only thing missing were attack ads, and thanks to Mother Joneswe now have them. Perhaps we should've seen it coming since the Houses of Westeros have been fodder for political parallels and jokes already. (Climate change? A woman from a far away land with lots of offspring and no qualifications wanting to rule?) And with all that backstabbing, shadow-stabbing, and beheading going on over there, isn't it only logical that Super PACs and their seemingly fictional amounts of money enter the mix to decide who gets to sit on the Iron Throne?  

Here are Mother Jones' news teams amazing attack ads:


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