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A promotional campaign to send Miami rapper Pitbull to the town that could get the most Facebook "likes" for their local Walmart has been ruined, for the better, by two goons who started a campaign to send him to Alaska. 

Powered by the #ExilePitbull hashtag, Something Awful goons David Thorpe and Jon Hendren started the campaign to send Pitbull to the island of Kodiak, Alaska on Twitter, and it's been a wild success so far. Helped out by coverage from Gawker and Uproxx, the Kodiak's Walmart now has over 23,000 likes. Whether or not the Walmart's garnered more Facebook likes than the population of the island is currently being debated between Thorpe and a Kodiak resident right now, but that's no matter. Barring any major outpouring of Walmart love in Miami over the next two weeks, it will be the mathematical winner. 

The contest is a co-promotional venture between Sheets-brand Energy Strips and Walmart. It should be considered a wild success. A Walmart in Alaska having 20,000 likes is probably something Walmart's marketing department never could have expected. But the odds of the company honoring the deal are pretty slim. As The Atlantic's Megan Garber pointed out before the campaign even began, there's always fine print. In this case it's in the contest's disclaimer notes: "Event scheduling is subject to Artist's availability. Walmart reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate this promotion in its sole discretion."

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