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As The Atlantic Wire's Connor Simpson explained, Ann Curry's exit from The Today Show can be explained by her lack of chemistry with co-host Matt Lauer. But, as commenter TPSWorker notes, Today's problems are deeper than that:

Really, Ann Curry is cool and is not the problem.  I like her and her presentation style.  The show has just lost some punch because of its length and some lame subject matter.  Stop with some of the stupid 'pop-culture' stuff and I think it will rebound.  I do agree with ditching Kathy Lee in the later hour.  Move Hoda to being a special correspondent during the regular show.  Two hours of positive human interest and actual content would be the best thing to happen to the Today show.  If you lose Ann Curry, you are losing a class act.

We kind of agree: We're not expecting super-serious journalism while we're fixing our first cup of coffee, but still we'd like a bit more of the substance Curry expected in our morning news programming. For that maybe we should just be watching The Early Show instead.

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