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One commenter has seconded our plea for a little more decorum in discussing Lindsay Lohan following the breaking non-news that the actress was a wee bit tired today. (We kid, but apparently reports of the troubled star's exhaustion were a bit overplayed.) 

Responding to the call from The Atlantic Wire's Jen Doll for a less obvious glee at Lohan's struggles, commenter IsabellaYB wrote in part:

I agree that this incident should not be fodder for jokes and hilarity. The truth is, had Lindsay Lohan been found dead in her hotel room this morning no one would be surprised and this fact is very sad. It's a pattern with her that keeps getting worse and so far, attempts at rehabilitation, repeated arrests, probabation and light punishment for her crimes have not stopped the downward spiral...

As Doll, wrote, there's a tendency to fuel the cycle of addiction our public figures go through, so consider this a helpful reminder that we might want to look at Lohan—and others—with less cackling and more compassion.

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