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We've heard of single stories getting the Hollywood treatment, but this is unusual: An entire issue of New York Magazine devoted to scandals in the city, has been optioned for a possible television series by Sony Pictures Television, according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to THR's Lesley Goldberg, Sony grabbed the April 9 anniversary issue which detailed scandals from Anthony Wiener to "Broadway sexpot Mae West." It's common for film and television companies to option rights to magazine articles—even New York's signature backpage "Approval Matrixhas a show in development—but an entire magazine's concept feels new and potentially challenging to adapt. 

Of course, getting optioned doesn't often result in an actual TV show, but if it did, what would that show even look like? As THR's Goldberg writes, Sony is considering "a potential miniseries about scandalous events or as part of a larger series or anthology package." We can at least say with certainty that they'll have to think of a name other than "Scandal." 

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