The '$ellebrity' Trailer Tells Another Paparazzi Story

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Here's a first trailer for the new documentary $ellebrity (get it?), a kinda-late-seeming look at paparazzi culture, from both the perspective of the photo shooters and those shot.

We say that it feels a bit late because haven't we been having this conversation for a long time now? The paparazzi phenomenon/plague has been covered and written about for years now, including in the pages of The Atlantic by David Samuels back in April of 2008, in an article about Britney Spears and the camera flash tornado that followed her everywhere. (And still might, only to a lesser degree.) That isn't to say that the problem (if you see it as a problem) has gone away exactly, but we've become so inured to the concept of celebrity-stalking photographers at this point that a cheesily titled documentary on the subject coming out in 2012 feels a little slow on the uptake. Even the title is old: Legendary adman George Lois used it as the title of a coffee table book in 2003.

But who knows, maybe this is a fresh and incisive take on the matter. Director Kevin Mazur, himself a celeb photog, managed to wrangle a few bigtime stars for the movie — including oft-snapped Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Lopez (Kid Rock is in it too for some reason, adding to the feeling of datedness), so maybe he convinced them that he's got a new angle. We'll probably see $ellebrity (ugh) no matter what, after all it's always fun to take a behind-the-scenes, insider peek into a seedy/glitzy subculture, but we're skeptical as to whether the film can mine any new territory that hasn't already been endlessly discussed.

Anyway, off to read Us Weekly.

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