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Accusations of mysterious pink bags, bribes and lies are making the Lindsay Lohan car crash story juicier than it originally appeared to be. 

Lohan was sent to the hospital Friday afternoon after she crashed her Porsche into the back of an 18-wheeler. When TMZ first reported the story Lohan claimed the truck driver cut her off. 

On saturday, TMZ tracked down the truck driver she rear-ended who told them Lohan and her assistant were attempting to flee the scene before he could call 911. According to the driver, Lohan and her assistant tried to get into a black Escalade driven by someone associated with her Lifetime movie and flee. When he tried to exchange information with Lohan, her handlers kept him away from the Escalade and told him they were representing someone famous and wanted to keep the crash quiet. They apparently offered to "go to the bank" with the driver if he could keep quiet about the crash, but he had already called the cops. The driver also said her assistant filled a pink bag with something and then threw clothes on top of it. When her handlers were offering him a bribe, they also told him, "Don't mention the bag to the cops."

Now, TMZ is quoting "sources close to Lohan" saying the whole story is a crock, and Lohan is chalking the whole ordeal up to someone trying to make money off her fame. According to their sources, there was never an offer of a bribe and there was never a pink bag.

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