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Sid Meier, that nerdy wonderful man who created Civilization has finally weighed in on Reddit user Lycerius' epic 10-year game. "I can’t say that we ever thought anyone would play a game of Civ for that long," Meier told Mashable's Chelsea Stark in response to Lycerius's 10-year end game scenario of a 1,700-year unyielding war between three super nations. "We never thought a game of Civ could be played for 10 years, so anything’s possible, really," Meier added.

And it looks like Lycerius' Reddit subforum, "The Eternal War," and its 14,179 subscribers are willing to figure out all those possibilities. Think: interpretative dance performances, renderings, and a detailed post on the 1.586 billion casualties. Long live, Civ!

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