Charlie Sheen Is Your President

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Director Robert Rodriguez has tapped Charlie Sheen to play the President of the United States in his new movie Machete Kills in a sickening piece of troll casting. 

Rodriguez broke the news on Twitter, saying "I just cast Charlie Sheen in ‪#machetekills‬ as the President of the United States! Who better?" Well, let's start with anyone and go from there. 

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed with Sheen's representatives that "negotiations are taking place," so it isn't totally official yet, but the picture Rodriquez tweeted implies it's already a done deal. Maybe the ink hasn't finished drying yet. 

Rodriguez, whose career has been marred by highs (the first two El Mariachi movies) and lows (the last three Spy Kids movies), is no stranger to the art of troll casting. Rodriguez cast Lindsay Lohan as a nun in the first Machete movie. Robert De Niro played an anti-immigration senator. As THR points out, the original Machete Kills script had an African-American President with a basketball court on the front lawn of the White House. How many actors had to be unavailable before they rewrote the script to fit in a Sheen presidency? 

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