Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis to Take Over the World

Two Food Network stars are making the leap, TLC makes a great decision, and The CW makes a bad one.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Two Food Network stars are making the leap, TLC makes a great decision, and The CW makes a bad one.

Oh dear. It's being reported that two of the Food Network's more irksome personalities, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay, are close to signing a deal to cohost a daytime talk show. Oof. How's that gonna work? Giada spends all her time calling guests "creamy" while Bobby Flay tries to act all cool on a roof putting sauces on everything? Well, no, apparently. It's actually going to be like Live! With Regis & Kelly, which is great because we've all of course been curious about how Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay would interact with the cast members of The Big Bang Theory on live television. A soon we'll get to find out! In a related story, Guy Fieri has been named the new anchor of CBS Evening News. [Deadline]

OK, let's cleanse our palates with some good TV news: TLC has ordered a show called Four Houses that is basically a home-tour version of Four Weddings. You know what Four Weddings is, right? The show where four brides go to each other's weddings and then criticize them? If you do not know this show walk away from your computer immediately and go watch it. (Or watch it on your computer.) Because it is a delight. A terrible, catty delight. And now they're going to do the same thing but for houses. Well done, TLC. Man, sometimes, once in a damn while, TV gets it right, y'know? Sometimes they just do. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been tapped by Marvel to direct Captain America 2, the one that Patty Jenkins dropped out of. The Russo Brothers are perhaps best known for producing and directing episodes of Community, so expect there to be a small but diehard group of Captain America 2 fans who obsessively quote it and think it's the best thing ever and respond with apoplectic rage if anyone ever dares criticize that. I mean, it's a Marvel movie so you're gonna get that anyway, but now it's doubly blessed. [Variety]

You know what college-aged women have too much of? Self-esteem. Just too many young women walking around feeling good about themselves these days. So luckily America's Next Top Model is coming along to fix the problem. The CW has announced that the next season cycle of the model competition (the show's 312th) will take place on college campuses, and that for the first time ever America will get to vote on who they think should stay in the competition. So that's great. For too long our nation's young women have been strutting around all confident and secure in themselves. Thank god we have ANTM to save us from this plague. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is a trailer for Wreck it Ralph, a new Disney (but not Pixar) animated feature about a video game villain who decides to leave his arcade game and travel through others on a quest to reinvent himself as a good guy. Judging from this trailer, there will be many fun video game references (well, as fun as video game references can be, anyway), to old things like Metroid and King Bowser and Dr. Robotnik and all that. So, could be cute. Weird to have a nostalgia movie about video games, but this is the terrible future that we all live in now. What can you do.

And here is a trailer for the decidedly not animated British/Irish thriller Shadow Dancer, which looks very good! Clive Owen plays some sort of MI5 agent who is trying to get a North Irish gal (the wonderful Andrea Riseborough) to go undercover and things get stressful. Plus, look: Gillian Anderson! And she's playing a federal agent again. Welcome back, lady. All told, we will see this. You probably should too.

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