Better Know the Brant Brothers: More Hilton Than Kardashian

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Don't you dare call the Brant Brothers Kardashians -- they're way too fabulous for that. The New York Times' William Van Meter has your morning bubblegum, hate-read of the day and takes you to a world of couture, Jitrois leather jeans, and Louis Vuitton leather jackets, and the dukes of this kingdom are 15-year-old Harry and 18-year-old Peter Brant II--the made-for-Times Styles-profile progeny of model Stephanie Seymour and Interview publisher Peter M. Brant. Van Meter's piece reads like a throwback to the 2000s when the pre-sex tape, jet-setting Hilton sisters ruled the Styles section and society pages. "It could be said that the Brants have taken the torch from the Hilton sisters, that they are the next generation of to-the-manner-born siblings in the public eye." Perhaps it's nostalgia as to why Van Meter didn't compare the Brants to the ever-present, low-rent, made-for-reality-show Kardashians (he does however get a Downton Abbey reference in there) because the Kardashian and our reality might sully the shiny, glossy world he paints for the Brants. But he does show us that despite the Brants' name-checking of Edith Wharton and Henry James and opulent tastes, these two Brants can still, be, bratty--in worst-best sort of way

“Most of my tweets happen between 1 and 5 in the morning,” Harry said. “I’m a night owl, and random thoughts pop into my head. I’ll be watching Mommie Dearest, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, my God, Joan Crawford is amazing.’ ”

This sets off a film tangent.

Cocktail is the best movie of all time,” Peter said.

“You hate Troop Beverly Hills, but you love Cocktail?” Harry countered. “You are a tacky European man!”

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