Anna Wintour Hates Sarah Jessica Parker's House

Today: Anna Wintour redid Sarah Jessica Parker's house, Katy Perry surprises people, and Stephen Baldwin loses in court.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Anna Wintour redid Sarah Jessica Parker's house, Katy Perry surprises people, and Stephen Baldwin loses in court.

People are whispering that Anna Wintour had decorators totally redo Sarah Jessica Parker's house in preparation for the big Obama fundraiser the two hosted at SJP's West Village mansion last night. Wintour, who's still dogged by that rather ridiculous U.S. ambassador to Britain rumor, was seen entering the house while movers carried out SJP's "shabby chic" furniture. While Wintour's camp denies that any decor changes were Anna's idea, it doesn't seem that unlikely that the ice queen would want every bit of design to be perfect for an event that she had her name on. There's no official word on the extent of the makeover, but one report suggests that movers were seen carrying Matthew Broderick out of the house and bringing Bradley Cooper in. [Page Six]

Upon hearing that recent reject Kalon McMahon would be on Bachelor Pad 3 (you probably read about this in The Paris Review or the Utne Reader) The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard tweeted that the news "makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils." Yipes! She's mad at him because he apparently said something bad about her kid while on The Bachelorette. So she is speaking out. Gone are the gracious days of Bachelorettedom, here is the new dull pencil-wielding whoaaaman who speaks her mind. Watch out, fellas! [Us Weekly]

Katy Perry made a surprise appearance at an L.A. screening of her new concert film Katy Pery: Part of Me on Wednesday night, giving the audience a thrill just before the movie started. While they applauded, Perry shot whipped cream out of her breasts, showering the audience in the sweet white foam. She then put on a blue wig for some reason and started singing about high school. The audience then wept as Perry shot more whipped cream into their eyes and put on a pair of huge platform shoes and started stomping around, her wig bouncing up and down, some annoying synth beat thudding in the background. Perry then called a boy up to the front of the theater and sang her great, empowering song "Ur So Gay" to him while the poor lad looked shamefully at the ground and then Katy made out with a girl for a few seconds while her publicist took photos to put up on Twitter. It was a great afternoon for everyone and Katy Perry is the best. [People]

Haha. Apparently Stephen Baldwin, that's the weirdo born-again member of the Baldwin family, recently sued Kevin Costner for $17 million, claiming he was owed monies after Costner sold "oil-separating devices" to BP after the Gulf oil spill. Wait, what? What is happening? Stephen Baldwin sued Kevin Costner over "devices" that clean the ocean? What movie is this? Another good thing is that Baldwin's co-plaintiff was a man named Spyridon C. Contogouris, which is an anagram for Discoursing Porn Toy and can't possibly be a real name. Anyway, Baldwin just lost the lawsuit after a jury deliberated for a whopping two hours. So, oh well. Sorry you lost the big ocean devices lawsuit against Kevin Costner, Stephen Baldwin. I know that was a big part of your life plan, suing Dances With Wolves over sea machines, so I'm sorry for you that it didn't go as you'd hoped. [Us Weekly]

An Australian woman has posted a video showing off her stitches and saying that Chris Brown and Degrassi: The Next Generation's Aubrey "Drake" Graham are "stupid rich people" because she was injured in the big stupid bottle fight they had at a New York club this week. You go, Australian girl! There is no justice in them getting in limos and then you having to take the subway home. That's rotten and ridiculous. People are the worst, especially stupid rich people who get into limos. Especially stupid rich people who were on 154 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation and never acknowledge it. [TMZ]

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