Andrew Dice Clay's Big Break

Today: The Diceman gets a strange new opportunity, NBC finds a Hannibal Lecter, and MTV digs through the barrel some more.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: The Diceman gets a strange new opportunity, NBC finds a Hannibal Lecter, and MTV digs through the barrel some more.

Woody Allen has finished casting his next movie, and he's given roles to two comedians: Louis CK (yay!) and Andrew Dice Clay (whaaat?). Yes, Dice will be in a Woody Allen movie. One that's set in San Francisco. So that ought to go over well! [NSFW] You may remember that Dice had a mini resurgence when he had a guest arc on Entourage a little while ago, but this is way bigger. Good work, Woody. Andrew Dice Clay seems like such a great guy. We're so happy for him. [Deadline]

NBC has found a lead for its show about Hannibal Lecter. The network has cast Andrew Dice Clay in the role. Haha, no, Hannibal isn't that big of a monster. They've actually cast Mads Mikkelsen, the Danish actor maybe best known to American audiences as a Bond villain. (He also just won the best actor prize at Cannes.) Mikkelsen, who with his creepy but erudite features and vague accent should fit the role well, will star opposite Hugh Dancy, as dogged FBI man Will Graham who, in this story, doesn't yet know that Dr. Lecter likes to chomp on people. So that's that. All well and good, except what we really want to know is who is going to play the Canadian porn star murderer?? Oh wait, no, never mind. We're not joking about that stuff anymore. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of scary things, MTV is developing a TV series based on the movie Scream. Ah yes, a 16-year-old movie: Just the thing for MTV's youthful audience. Brilliant. Well, OK, to be fair, there was just Scream 4 and MTV's current hit Teen Wolf is based on a twenty-six-year-old movie, so. Though, Scream 4 wasn't much of a hit and Teen Wolf is really only "based" on that old movie in that they have the same title. The TV version is mostly a True Blood/Twilight mashup. So maybe that's what this Scream series will be? Young serial killers staring lustily at each other interspliced with locker room scenes? Which, hm. Actually, yes. Yes we would watch that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

In a recent interview, Prometheus director (and many, many other things director) Ridley Scott says that he is planning on making a movie about Moses. Which is interesting! Of course we thought they'd make a movie about Apple first, her being older and all, but as long as there's a movie about one of Gwyneth Paltrow's kids, we're happy. [Esquire]

The big Game of Thrones finale earned a series ratings high, with 4.2 million nerds tuning in to the 9pm broadcast to find out what happens to Sookie, Bill, and the rest of the Westeros gang. Overall, with repeat viewings and On Demand factored in, the second season averaged 10.3 million viewers per episode, which is a pretty big hit for HBO. Which means we should feel pretty confident that we will be getting more and more of it. And more and more and more. What will happen with Avon Barksdale and his King's Landing gang? Will Turtle ever be able to ride his dragons across the Narrow Sea and reclaim his throne? Will Carrie finally find love on The Wall? And is Arliss really dead??? Guess we'll have to wait until next to find out! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here is a new trailer for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt bike messenger thriller Premium Rush, and it is basically just more shots of bike stunts. Lots and lots of bike stunts. Plus Michael Shannon, who alas does not seem to do any bike stunts. He really should do some. Make that movie, Michael Shannon. Take Shelter 2: Bike Stuntz! We would see it, along with the rest of America. (Actually, we're pretty sure there's an explicit "No bike stunts" clause in all of Michael Shannon's contracts. Otherwise, why wouldn't he have done any yet?)

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