Alec Baldwin's Wedding Bells; Corey Feldman's Live-In Stalker

Today: Alec and his bride have announced their venue, Corey Feldman has a domestic situation for once, and Steve Wynn officially owns a big chunk of Manhattan.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Alec and his bride have announced their venue, Corey Feldman has a domestic situation for once, and Steve Wynn officially owns a big chunk of Manhattan.

Alec Baldwin's camp has announced the church where he will wed his fiancée, jackpot-hitting yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas, at the end of this month. The two will be Catholically wed at the Basilica of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral down on Mulberry Street just north of Little Italy. It's an old historic church used in many movies, so that seems appropriate. The best thing about the church, which required Baldwin and Thomas to show proof of their baptisms and everything, is that it's full of little nooks and crannies for people to hide, people who want to go to the wedding but don't want to be seen, people who haven't really been the same since L.A. Confidential and might try to warn the yoga teacher if possible. You know, people like that, hypothetically. If such a person were to exist. [Page Six]

Oh, dear. One-time teen sensation turned flawed adult Corey Feldman has had to agree to a judge that he will not ever see his stalker ever again. Meaning she has to move out of his house. Yeah, Feldman says that this woman (who, TMZ is sure to point out, is 300 pounds and 6 feet tall) has attacked him in the past, but they still live together as roommates. They write bad things about each other on Twitter and whatever, but they are roommates, living together. Corey Feldman and his enormous stalker. Paying rent and bitching about dishes in the sink. So wait, was this for a reality show? Be honest, Corey. Did you pitch Stalky & Me to some raggedy network? You did, didn't you. Why else? Hm? Why else would you live with your gigantic stalker in a house together and then have to go in front of a judge promising that your stalker will move out of your house? What possible other reason could you have for doing all of that? This was for a reality thing but the cameras never showed up. They just never came. So it was the two of them, alone together. Stalking each other forever, a snake eating its tail, long into the night. [TMZ]

Las Vegas casino mogul Terry Benedict Steve Wynn has officially closed on the $70 million Central Park South apartment (can you call something that expensive an apartment?) that he bought for his new wife. The modest home, in the Ritz-Carlton building, is on two floors, has a wrap around terrace, and used to be the hotel's ballroom. The only weird thing is that it's a sixth floor walkup and it doesn't have in-unit laundry. But, that's New York livin' for ya!! [Page Six]

Human gummi bear Kate Upton and animate chicken finger Kellan Lutz met recently to do a photo shoot on L.A.'s Venice Beach, and had a really lovely time, flirty and fun and fabulous in their designer clothes. Just imagine what those two got to talking about, raconteurs such as them! Like a regular Truman Capote and Harper Lee duo they must be. "Darling, you're a vision. Tell me, did you read the new piece in Highlights magazine about the nine hats missing in the playground?" "Oh my I haven't, I've been so behind lately. I've been positively devouring the latest Burger King Kids Club bag. I'm just over the moon for Wheels." "Mutual, I'm sure. Oh heavens darling I have to tell you, I got locked in the Hollister bathroom again the other day and the fire department had to come and get me out. I just can't seem to figure out that lock!" "What a fright! Well, last Tuesday I got lost in my basement and had to call the police! What a nightmare. But I'm glad to be here." "Of course, darling! Kiss kiss!" [Daily Mail]

Aw, former Dancing With the Stars partners Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger were seen out at the clurb last week, palling around like friends, dancing and having fun. He came with some peeps, she showed up later, and they danced and giggled all night. They sound like total BFFs! How fun for them. Meanwhile Derek's sister Julianne was at home with her hot lover Ryan Seacrest, the two sitting wordlessly at the dinner table, a clock ticking loudly, Ryan looking at his watch. "When did your brother say he'd be back?" he asked her with sharp agitation in his voice. "I don't know, Ryan. Why don't you call him yourself?" "I can't call him!" Ryan snapped. He paused, collected himself. "Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just, y'know... You cook all day — this is my vacation, you know — you cook all day and you want someone to appreciate it but then he's out tomcatting around with some piece of Pussy and you're home stuck with his sister and his dinner's getting cold. No offense, of course." Julianne sighed, took another swig of wine. "None taken, Ryan. I have places I'd rather be too." And then they went silent again and waited. [People]

Liza Minnelli sang a surprise song at the Carlyle Hotel bar on Sunday night, which would have been her mother Judy Garland's 90th birthday. Which, boy. Aren't you glad that things like that still happen in New York? It's cozy. Makes you feel like the old world isn't quite gone yet. Not just yet. [Page Six]

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